Poppy's Secrets Book Cover Poppy's Secrets
Dreamspun Desires – Book 28
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 15, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


It has been nine years since the love of Pat Corrigan’s life left him. Pat and Edgerton Winters (Edge) were planning on having a child but Edge was not ready for the drastic change in his life a child would make and took a job out of state and left. Pat decided to go through with their plans on his own and was blessed because he wound up with a beautiful little girl he named Emma.

Emma is eight years old and Pat has dedicated his life to her. He works at home and his dating life doesn’t exist. Emma is very aware of the fact that her Poppy is gay and defends him when the need arises. When Emma has a sleepover Pat decides it is time to go out and enjoy himself so he goes to a club. It has been many years since Pat went looking for someone and it didn’t take long before he realized he needed to go home. On his way out he bumps into the man who broke his heart, Edge and when Edge tries to talk to him he says his piece and leaves.

Edge knew that Pat had plans for them to raise a child but he was young and scared and ran. Now he wants Pat back. Like Pat, Edge couldn’t find anyone and he realized that leaving Pat was the biggest mistake of his life. He wants to rekindle what Pat and him had but Pat is not ready to open his heart and Emma’s only to be hurt again. Pat also has a secret that could destroy everything he has another reason he is not willing to accept Edge back.

We all know that a love that still burns after nine years is a forever love but one mistake could keep that love from rekindling. I loved Edge and Pat and of course Emma was a hoot. When Emma meets Edge she likes him and he tells the best stories, King Poppy, Prince Edge and Princess Emma and the giant fire eating dragon. I watched as Pat tried to keep Edge out of his life and how Edge wouldn’t back down.

Two men trying to find forgiveness and courage to begin again. This like all of Mr. Grey’s books was wonderful and I highly recommend it.