PRG Remembers One Of Our Own

Lea Ellen Borg

Lea Ellen Borg has passed away this month She Will Be Missed

Gloria Lakritz remembers:

Lea Ellen Borg found us on the Amazon Paranormal Site we all belonged to…..She  was a founding member. We voted her the  Information Officer hunting tips for editing, writing ,genre searching, book up loading, font sizes and general information all newbies needed to learn..Lea Ellen was at our first In Person Officer Conference and eventually partnered with Bonnie Lea Elliott , aka Lenore Elliott another founding member to work with authors directly.

Words from Leanore Elliott:

Lea Ellen and I, often helped other members of the PRG with their editing needs and or questions they had about publishing in general. Studious to a fault, Lea Ellen would check every fact and statement that would need verifying, say for an historical novel etc. She was a proficient Copy/Line Editor. She often helped authors from the Guild and she in fact, helped me at Good Reads as she was a librarian there for many years. She would input the information on a book an author wanted to add to their profile, often hunting down the specifics for us such as ISBN, ASIN or different copies that should be deleted due to being a repeated title. Helpful to all who needed aid with their book or writing, Lea Ellen Borg was the best at organization, information and research.