Where Are They Now?

PRG Presents Kelly Abell

Wow PRG, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I remember those days when we all hung out on the Paranormal Romance Threads on Amazon getting into trouble. I think back to all the wonderful friends I’ve made. Some I’ve lost touch with and that makes me sad, and others are still my very close friends to this day. At the time PRG started I only had a few books out. My first Paranormal book was a novella entitled Blood Harvest Moon. We held our first book signing at a Waldens Book Store in New Port Richey, Florida.  Remember those? Personally I think it’s sad to see all the large retail book stores sliding away. I’m excited about the new venues, but wish the old ones could stay around too. My next paranormal book was a YA Horror titled Haunted Destiny. It’s a terrifying novel about a teenager who discovers she can hear and talk to spirits, both good and bad. It’s the bad ones that’ll send shivers down your spine. I remember Gloria Lakritz coming to my book signing in a small used bookstore. We paranormal Authors had to stick together back in those days.

Ten years later things are so different. I’ve written over thirteen novels and short stories, participated in boxed sets and anthologies, and truly grown as a hybrid author. I have a few books with the wonderful World Castle Publishing, and the rest I’ve done on my own. I own a graphic arts company called Select-O-Grafix, LLC and through them do all my own formatting, covers and publishing for most of my books as an Indie Author. I owe a great deal to fellow PRG’er Karen Fuller for teaching me a lot of what I know about the publishing industry. We’ve traveled this long road together and I’m excited to see it keep going.

I’ve enjoyed being a long time member of the Guild and now it’s current President. The Paranormal Romance Guild is an awesome spot for readers and authors to connect. Authors reach out to us for reviews. Our review staff is top notch. You can also participate in so many cool things as a member. The best thing for me is all the new friends I’ve met and how I’ve grown as an author because of it.

Please visit my site and check out all my books. I’ve got a fantastic paranormal series called The Guardians of Spirit Rock about four shifting brothers and the ladies who keep them out of trouble. If you like contemporary romance I’ve got that too. And Thrillers, And horror. As you can tell, I’ve never been able to color within the lines. Happy Anniversary PRG. Thanks for asking me to stroll down memory lane with you. I wish you another fabulous ten years and then some. Until we meet again, I’ll be out there writing those characters with Passion, Power, and Purpose.

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