Where Are They Now?

PRG Presents Sharon Buchbinder

Congratulations to PRG on its Anniversary of providing support to readers and writers of the paranormal–and all other genres!

As a romance author, I’ve been formally writing fiction since 2004 and have published eight romance novels, most in the paranormal realm. I have a new release coming out on October 13th, Legacy of Evil, Book 2 in the Hotel LaBelle Series and I’m working on Book 3 which will feature in deaf heroine in homage to my deaf and non-speaking grandmother who raised me.

I’ve been a member of PRG since 2014 (I think???) and those three years have been packed with excitement. As editor of the great reviews by our voracious super-readers and reviewers, discussion board monitor, Facebook Group monitor, my contributions have been along the lines of “other duties as assigned.” In the works now are the results of a PRG Member Survey which I am analyzing as we “speak” to provide data for the PRG Strategic Plan.

Be sure to check the website often for new reviews and to mingle with other like-minded folks–and to find out where we’re headed in the future. Don’t be shy! We’re here for YOU, our treasured members!



See all of Ms. Buchbinder’s books on her Amazon Author Page.