A Husband for Cordelia Book Cover A Husband for Cordelia
Brides of Golden City, Book 2
Cynthia Woolf
American Historical Western Romance, Old West/History of the US
Firehouse Publishing
March 1, 2020

Cordelia Jameson is left alone after her brother’s death. He left her with $5000 which she knows won’t last forever and she doesn’t want to be alone. She wants a husband and children. She decides to become a mail-order bride and goes to Brides for the West to sign up.

David Thomas survived his sociopath wife’s machinations. She was hung for attempted murder and kidnapping, though he would have divorced her in any case. He’d do anything to protect his four-year-old daughter Margie. But now that he’s moved out west, he realizes he needs someone to care for Margie and he needs a wife for himself since he wants more children, too. He’s vowed he won’t allow his emotions to get involved, not after what he went through with his first wife.
While Cordelia is living at the boarding house, waiting for her mail-order groom, her brother’s former partner, Richard Lynch, finds her. He demands the money that her brother left her. She refuses and he backhands her sending her to the floor. If not for the interference of another of the brides, he might have beat her to death.

When Cordelia leaves to marry David, she believes she’s left Richard behind her. But like a bad penny, he shows up in her new town making the same demands only this time he threatens Margie.

Cordelia knows he won’t go away and even if she does give him the money, when he finds out that David is rich, he’ll be back again and again, blackmailing them. He has to be stopped. Now. But how?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

Cordelia Jameson lived with her brother Jonathan after the death of her fiancé. When Jonathan died he left her $5,000 as an inheritance and she knew that she would have to find a husband which led her to Emily Johnson owner of Brides of the West. Unfortunately her brother’s ex-partner wants the money back and believes it is his and he goes so far as beating her for it. Emily saves the day finding the perfect husband for her, David Thomas who owns a ranch and a bank.

David has a four year old daughter Margie who he loves with all his heart even though his wife lied and the baby wasn’t his. After his wife tried to kill Victoria whose story we read in book one she was hanged. His wife believed that Victoria carried David’s child which was not true and she paid for it with her life. Now he wants a woman to bear him more children and a woman to help raise his little girl. Marriage, babies but no love since he feels incapable of giving it to anyone but his daughter.

Cordelia arrived black and blue and gave David the chance to back out of their arrangement, feeling that she is bringing trouble to him, but of course he refused. They are married and settle into a very comfortable life together until Richard Lynch her brother’s ex-partner shows up again and this time leaves Cordelia with broken ribs and sixteen stitches to her face.

Learning how to be a rancher’s wife, learning to be a new mother and trying not to fall in love with her new husband, while watching out for Lynch is a lot for any woman to have to deal with but with David’s support she is determined to keep her family and herself safe.

A beautiful love story about life in the 1800’s. I love my visits to this time period but only a short visit since I prefer my milk and eggs come from a store lol. This book like the others in this series is fast moving and filled with suspense and romance.