A Coven of Her Own Book Cover A Coven of Her Own
Witches of Raven's Landing Book 1
Saskia Walker
Multicultural/Interracial Paranormal Romance-Witches and Wizards/Demons and Devils
Independently Published
March 9, 2021

Under the watchful eye of the local witches, Sunny Chambers is about to discover her own magic.

Sunny Chambers loves the thatched cottage she inherited from her Grandma on the rugged Cornish coast. The only thing that would make it even better is if the man of her dreams was real. Sunny’s about to discover she has the magical power to travel through time and actually meet the mystery man who walks through her dreams, save him from a fate worse than death, and a whole lot more besides.

Two centuries earlier, Cullen Thaine is due to leave on a hell-bound vessel—his soul promised to the Lord of the Underworld—when Sunny finds herself in his arms, with the power to rescue him from a dark and powerful witch. She has to be dreaming, right? This is Sunny’s initiation into the Raven’s Landing coven, but our benevolent white witches have an enemy, and he has his own plans for the lovely Sunny Chambers.

Cullen and Sunny have become the focus of the local coven war, and their destiny is now at stake. Sunny needs to learn all about her magical heritage, figure out how she traveled back in time, and cope with the coven war…while falling hopelessly in love with a lusty hunk from the 1800s.

Reviewed by Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Cornwall, England, 2020. Sunny Chambers has been having dreams. Dreams of a dark haired man ,with amazing blue eyes and even more amazing moves. She never had these types of dreams until she moved to her late grandmother’s house in Cornwall. 


She’s friends with the local Pagan shop owner, Celeste.  The woman, a witch, gave Sunny a lucky locket to wear and kept telling her that her dreams may come true. And while the city librarian and the elders can tell her about when every building in town was built, there’s no information on just when her grandmother, Hannah’s cottage was built. 


Cornwall’s community of Pagans loves a good mystery. A raven is seen, the harbinger of trouble ahead, and that trouble may include a man that many people in town are wary of, especially Celeste and her friend Willow. The Viscount Nathaniel Fox, owner of the foreboding Grey House on the hill, has shown up in town after an absence, and he’s watching Sunny.


Sunny is preoccupied with the man of her dreams. As she talks to the two ladies, she finds out that the man walking through her dreams, and her bed, could be Cullen Thaine, a man from the 1800s who mysteriously disappeared from the town and history. When she wakes up in 1820, she’s in the cottage, but it’s not her bed and there are male voices coming from the stairwell. Voices belonging to the mysterious Nathaniel Fox and…the man she was making love to in her dreams.


The book follows Cullen and Sunny from the revelation that Fox is trying to send Cullen on a ship that isn’t what it looks to be, to 2020 and another confrontation with Fox, one that Sunny may not walk away from.


This is a good first book in a series I’m looking forward to. Saskia Walker has crafted a time-travel story with a lot of Pagan elements and very well painted mind pictures. I could see the house in Raven’s Landing that Sunny is renovating. I could hear the dialogue and the characters talking. 


And it’s fun. 


Cullen is the big strong male with a huge dose of chivalry. The attempts by Sunny to get by in 1820 are replayed, with some interesting twists by Cullen in 2020. And when they learn that the man Sunny saw in 2020 outside Celeste’s store is the same man that Cullen called friend in 1820, things begin to change from an interesting story of dreams to one of danger.


This is a good series start and one I’m happy to recommend. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the Witches of Raven’s Landing to find what new adventures the Coven has.