A Dangerous Dance Book Cover A Dangerous Dance
Haven Hart Book 3
Davidson King
M/M Suspense
July 15, 2018

Finally working for a man he can trust has given Bill a new purpose. His boss, Christopher Manos, commands respect and absolute loyalty, and Bill has proven himself worthy of a seat at Christopher’s table. Becoming best friends with Christopher’s husband, Snow, has further proven his allegiance and cements a place for him in the Manos family. When Snow’s life is in danger, Christopher places his full trust in Bill to destroy anything and anyone that poses a threat to his husband. But hunting and wiping out the enemy for the safety of everyone Bill cares about means partnering with the one person he has vowed to never see again.

Mace wears a mask of vain cockiness and uses his model good looks to his full advantage. Known to many as Without a Trace Mace, he’s a deadly assassin well known for wiping out whole families and getting away without a trace. With a dangerous past and an unknown future, Mace uses his veil of conceit to keep others at a distance, rarely trusting anyone. When his boss, Black--the one man he trusts above all others—gives him his next assignment, he learns his newest partner is none other than Bill, the man he’d do anything to avoid.

With the safety of the Manos family on the line at the hands of a brilliant maniac, Bill and Mace begrudgingly put their differences aside to ensure Snow, and his loved ones, are protected from harm. With their lives in grave danger and the clock ticking towards zero hour, they navigate deathly perilous situations and uncertain outcomes, hoping they survive long enough to keep the Manos family safe.

Bill and Mace’s traitorous hearts draw them closer together no matter how hard they fight the inevitable. With the lives of their loved ones hanging in the balance, they find themselves in the middle of a dangerous dance. But when the music stops, will they both be left standing?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

If you have been reading this series from the start, which I hope you have, then you are familiar with Bill who was responsible for kidnapping Christopher Mano’s nephew and nearly killing his husband Snow. It has been two years and it was Snow who stopped Christopher from going through with his plan to kill Bill and it has been two years since the relationship between Snow and Bill has become one of brothers. Although Christopher and Snow have forgiven Bill for what happened the other men are still leery of him.

When Christopher calls Bill into his office asking him to come alone and not to tell Snow he had no idea what it was about but it didn’t take long for him to find out when Christoper handed him a letter threatening both Snow and Simon’s lives. Bill loves this family and will do anything to keep them safe and that is what Christopher is asking him to do. Apparently an old enemy believed to be gone has reappeared, Zagan Marks wants what he believes belongs to him and that is Snow and before Christopher takes him and Simon to a safe place he enlists the help of Black and his assassination organization. Black owes Christopher for helping him save his company when a traitor jeopardized it and along with Bill, Black will be sending his best man, Mace.

I don’t want to go into the past and why Zagan wants Snow and how the Marks family was brought down but if you have read the previous books or will read them then you will get the whole story. There is no love lost between Mace and Bill and it is anyone’s guess whether they will kill each other before they find Zagan Marks.

Forced to work together in spite of their absolute dislike for each other, actually hate for each other they have one purpose and that is to protect Snow and those he loves and kill Zagan. As they work together little by little their pasts are revealed and believe me their pasts are both tragic which would make their line of work understandable to some.  These two men don’t hesitate to kill with absolutely no hesitation but on the plus side, if there is a plus side they only kill those deserving of death.

As with the past two books there is sex and explicit violence so if that is something you cannot deal with then I would suggest not reading this series. As for me I can’t wait to read the next two books in the series. Remember what they say that love and hate are two sides of the same coin and what happens between Bill and Mace I won’t reveal.