A Heavenly Kind of Love Book Cover A Heavenly Kind of Love
Lexi Ostrow
Paranormal Romance
Colliding Worlds Press
July 13, 2018

Cassandra Marks had dedicated her life to helping orphaned children around the world find families - something she never had. Life was everything she'd expected it to be for a woman who lived to work. She was only thirty when her world was turned upside down with one sentence - "I'm sorry, we've confirmed you have Breast Cancer." Giving up was not an option, but fighting cancer was harder than she'd imagined. Her work with worldwide orphanages was put on hold as she had to focus on herself, not her dream job.

Not all humans received Guardian Angels; only those living a life that would leave a lasting impression on the world were so lucky. Gabriel, a direct descendant of the Archangel of the same name, lost his battle wings after he trusted a Fallen Angel and others died. He was saved from losing his wings thanks to his father - but it meant becoming a Guardian Angel. His first charge was less than he hoped for, but he was committed to Cassandra Marks to prove he was worthy of returning to battle.

Gabriel and Cassandra should never have met, but with her life in danger, he's sent to Earth in human form to judge her and see if she is worthy. While there, he finds himself falling in love with a woman who is destined to die. It's up to him to convince his fellow Angels she is to live, and up to her to decide if she can handle being the woman to make a Guardian Angel fall.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Gabe is the son of Archangel Gabriel but his cocky and know it all attitude allowed him to believe a Fallen in spite of advice from others and it lead to the death of hundreds. Now Gabe has had his gold wings stripped and is given the chance of being a Guardian Angel. Not happy with his new assignment things are even worse when he discovers he is to guard a fragile female and not a warrior like him.

Cassandra Marks is a remarkable woman growing up in an orphanage and then foster care till she was finally adopted she has made it her lifes work to help other children like her in foreign countries. Although there are many orphan children in the United States she knows that they get better care than those in countries like Uganda where war rages around them. She knows that every time she returns to one of the orphanages she visits she will see the same faces because adoption is not in the cards for these children.

When Gabe first sees Cassandra with the children he is amazed at how the children love her she is a light in their darkness but he also sees that her aura is grey meaning something is wrong. When she returns to Boston her aura becomes darker and he comes up with an idea that would get her to a doctor for a check-up. He was right because the diagnosis is stage 3 breast cancer putting an end to her dream of visiting the orphanages and her dream of creating a program that would place children with parents in a short time with little money.

The more Gabe is around Cassandra the more his feelings for her change in fact he changes, no longer the cocky know it all he once was he is determined to save her life. Her soul is pure and she deserves life so he is ready to petition the council to rid her of her cancer but he needs to know more about her and willingly surrenders his wings to become human. As a human he arranges to meet Cassandra and there is an immediate connection between them. He knows that he is close to falling because he has feelings for Cassandra that he shouldn’t.

This is a book that pulls at your heart strings because although it is a paranormal story, cancer is not. We watch as Cassandra goes through the different stages of grief, anger, fear and finally the strength to fight. We also watch as she attends a support groups and if Cassandra’s story doesn’t break your heart the other stories will.

This is a must read book filled with sadness but even more importantly filled with love. This is Cassandra and Gabe’s story and I will say no more other than their story is worth your time and money.