A Hunter Cursed Book Cover A Hunter Cursed
Hired Hunters Series
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal Romance - Angels/Demons/Witches/Wizards
Independently Published
February 25, 2021

The peace has been solidified, the supernaturals of Louisiana are united, but beneath the streets of New Orleans, a new darkness is rising…
This Cursed Life
Keegan Bishop is a cursed witch, seemingly destined to lose all those that she loves. Pushing people away has become second nature to her, but when she meets wolf shifter, Jeremiah Durand, a man her visions had foretold she’d meet, she can’t seem to resist tempting fate. He’s charming and witty and as they join together to fight the rising malevolence she’d seen in her dreams, what begins as a wary friendship grows into something she fears might very well cost him his life.
His Fated Mate
Jeremiah Durand doesn’t believe in curses. What he does believe in, is the knowledge that he’ll know his mate when he finds her, and Keegan Bishop speaks to his wolf like no other. Despite the mutual attraction he senses, his witch is determined to keep her distance, set on protecting him from her supposed curse. It’s up to him to prove to her he’s stronger than any spell, but will he be strong enough to face the evil that’s coming?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild  Review Team

Keegan Bishop is a witch who is being assigned by Destin Jourdain the leader of the US branch of The Order of Witches to be an instructor at the new Hunter Training Program teaching magical combat, not what she expected when she had just turned one of the men into a goat in the middle of a store. She hoped that Destin wouldn’t learn about it but she was forced to call him when her attempt at turning Noah back left him half goat and half man.


Keegan has had her share of heartache, her parents died, her boyfriends died and her foster parents died leaving her convinced that she is cursed and anyone who gets close to her is in danger. It was her mentor and friend Evangeline Duvalier who convinced her she was cursed and if you are familiar with this series then you are aware of how evil she was.


When she arrived for orientation she met Jeremiah Durand, Alpha Archer Langley’s second in command and there was an immediate attraction, an attraction she would not pursue in order to save his life. When he tries to convince her to have lunch she explains that she is cursed but he is not easily put off and she can’t resist. Convinced that being friends would keep Jeremiah safe they continue to see each other but Jeremiah will do anything he can to prove that she is not cursed and that they belong together but their relationship would be the least of their problems because evil is coming.


Keegan had a vision of a darkened Bourbon Street and black ooze coming from the cracks in the street and she explained it to Jeremiah who went to investigate and unfortunately he did more than look he touched. Evil has arrived and the danger is real but can he convince Keegan that it is not because of her.

Although dead Evangeline’s evil lives on and demons are breaking out. It will take an angel to help put a stop to what is happening. 


 I count myself lucky to have read all of Ms. Forrest’s series and loved each and every one of them and this one is no exception. I can’t recommend highly enough her paranormal series filled with amazing characters, romance and everything you could want from a paranormal romance. This is the last book in the Hunter series but I can’t wait for the first book in the new Hunter Training series.