A Hunter Born Book Cover A Hunter Born
Hired Hunters Series, Book 1
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal Vampire Romance
Independently Published
March 20, 2020

The supernatural world is on the precipice of war. It’s time to choose a side.

She’s no damsel in distress…

Morgan Rhys is a vampire who hunts vampires. A hired hunter. When she and her team are contracted to investigate a vampire that’s suspected of being behind the murder of innocent witches, Morgan knows they’ll have to stay focused. This vampire is powerful, blood-thirsty, and his actions have put them on the verge of war. Too bad the handsome, human cop also on the case is messing with her senses.

He’s no knight in shining armor…

To the world, Travis St. John is a human cop, and that’s exactly what he needs them to think – for now. He knows that the vampire leader in this area is behind the disappearance of his sister, he just hasn’t been able to get close enough to do anything about it. Morgan Rhys may be the key to getting inside, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Hunter attracts him like no other. Too bad their kinds are mortal enemies.

In a dangerous game of predator versus predator, a common enemy emerges that threatens their very existence. Will they be able to stop him in time?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Morgan Rhys is a Born vampire, a race of natural vampires. They are strong, immortal, and can walk in the sun. She and her team are Hunters for hire available to the Born to keep rogue vampires under control. Her newest assignment comes at the request of Destin Jourdain, the head of the US branch of the Order of Witches. In spite of the fact that witches and vampires are natural enemies, she goes to meet him in New Orleans. Witches are being murdered. There is no doubt it is at the hands of vampires who are not feeding from them, but just killing them. If Rhys can’t find out what is happening, unprovoked killing of witches at the hands of vampires could lead to retaliation and war.

Olivier Rodolfo runs the New Orleans territory. He is known to be the kind of Born Morgan learned to hate at the hands of her parents. Pretending to be on vacation with her team, she gets permission to stay in New Orleans only in his mansion, making her job so much harder. She is convinced Rodolfo is responsible for what is going on, but proving it and evading the vampires he has watching her every move is becoming difficult.

While on her search, she meets Travis St. John, a human cop also working the case. He is so much more than just a human. Travis moved to New Orleans to search for his sister who went missing five years ago, and he is sure that Rodolfo is responsible for whatever happened to her. The attraction between Travis and Rhys is immediate, and they both join forces to find his sister and bring an end to the killings.

In addition to his attraction to Rhys, he immediately knew she was a Born. Rhys assumes she knows exactly what he is—I even was sure of what he was—but both Rhys and I were so, so wrong.

This book is full of suspense, romance, and violence, but it is also full of secrets and surprises. I loved this book, but then again I loved every one of Ms. Forrest’s series. If you are not familiar with her works, read Misfits and Rogues the series that first introduced Born. There is still a lot of unfinished business, but the ending was not what I would consider to be a cliffhanger, trust me I hate them.