A Hunter Turned Book Cover A Hunter Turned
Hired Hunters Series, Book 2
Kimberly Forrest
Fantasy, Adventure, Vampire Romance
Independently published
July 17, 2020

They may have won the battle, but this is war.

An uncertain future…
Jamie Wilson is a Hunter. A vampire who hunts vampires, and though she may have been injured in the last conflict, she’s far from out. When a faction of rogues threatens the tenuous peace, she’s ready to rejoin the fight. Unfortunately, she’ll need the help of Archer Langley, an alpha wolf shifter who has made his dislike of her and her kind plain. Can she convince the recalcitrant male to join their side before it’s too late?

A haunting past…
Archer Langley hates vampires. Nearly every instance of suffering in his life could be laid at those creatures’ feet. He’d hunt them down and destroy them all if his absence wouldn’t leave his pack vulnerable. He certainly has no interest in helping them. But when bodies are discovered in his territory, a clear and deadly message, he can no longer remain neutral in this war. Teaming up with the attractive vampire that’s been haunting his dreams, however, stirs things inside him better left buried, and risking his heart might prove to be the biggest threat of all.

As the war between supernaturals escalates, the lines between allies and enemies are blurred. They’ll have to trust each other if they hope to survive.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When we left off in book one, Jamie was being treated after being tortured, bled dry and buried in the earth. Travis’ sister, Sophia, missing and at the mercy of Rodolfo and his crew for five years is still in stasis. I won’t reveal anything about Sophia you will have to find out for yourself but I will discuss Jamie and Alpha Archer Langley since this is their story.

Jamie is still blind after having her eyelids burned off, her hands are still wrapped and she and Archer who visits occasionally are still not any friendlier. Kane is now running Rodolfo’s territory but has yet to prove himself. Archer has welcomed Jamie and her team while Jamie heals and while Travis waits for his sister to come out of stasis. With Kane on pack territory it has brought the rogues, rogues not happy about Kane’s new role as leader of the vamps of Louisiana and he is being challenged.

Dead witches are found on pack territory leading Archer to order Kane to leave. He knows that he is putting his pack in danger and can’t let that happen. Archer has a hatred for vampires since it was vampires that caused the death of his wife when their daughter Cadence (Cady) was an infant. In spite of his hatred for vampires he can’t stop thinking about Jamie and when Cady meets Jamie it is love at first sight. The two of them have an immediate bond and Cady is absolutely the most adorable four year old ever.

In spite of Archer’s determination to have nothing to do with Jamie in a romantic way he can’t help himself and it doesn’t hurt that Cady keeps telling him how wonderful Jamie is and he should ask her out on a date. Of course she doesn’t stop there, she also instructs him how to dress, to buy flowers and what to wear and she helps him write a very glittery invite. Jamie is ready to find the ones who nearly destroyed her and discovers that her experience has a connection with what happened to Archer’s wife. 

I love this series but then again I have loved all of Ms. Forrest’s series so if you want to call me prejudiced go right ahead because I am. The series is not a cliffhanger but there are always unresolved issues i.e. Sophia and what happens to her, the war escalating between the Born and rogues and if Kane can take over the territory and prove his dominance.  Never a dull moment and always filled with amazing characters so I look forward to the next book in the series and who will be the focus. I love a good paranormal romance filled with suspense so if you do also then don’t miss this one.