A Husband for Adeline Book Cover A Husband for Adeline
Golden City Brides Book 3
Cynthia Woolf
Victorian Historical Romance
Firehouse Publishing
May 22, 2020

Douglas Latimer lost his wife and his best friend under suspicious circumstances in a gold mine explosion. Left with a new baby and a broken heart, Douglas meets his best friends mail-order bride intending on sending her back. One look at Adeline Brady and he knows she can solve his problems and help him raise is daughter...ff she'll agree to marry him instead. He finds that Adeline's arrival unsettles him in ways he didn't expect. She cares for his infant daughter as if the child were her own, and looks at him with soft blue eyes, expecting something from him he knows he cannot give her after his previous wife's betrayal, his trust...and his love.

Adeline Brady traveled to 1871 Colorado from a Carson City saloon where her gambler father frequently bet her virginity on a hand of cards. He was a cheat and a liar, so she never had to pay his debt, but she needed a new life, a new start with a man who would honor and value her as his wife, not a piece of property to be gambled away. At first glance, Douglas is everything she had hoped for. Handsome. Established. Protective. But he vows to her from day one that he will never give her his heart.

When an unexpected death tears the community apart, can Douglas and Adeline conquer their fears and find happiness, or will their distrust of each other drive Adeline into the arms of another man, a rival miner who has made no secret of the fact that he will own Douglas’s mine and his wife? Little do they realize he is willing to kill to claim both for his own.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Adeline Brady spends her days in a room over a saloon watching as her father gambles. At times when he is losing he actually bets her virginity but so far she has remained a virgin. She knows that she needs to find a husband and have a family of her own and she becomes a mail-order bride. Her fiancé is Josiah Colter who has sent money for her to join him.


When she arrives she is met by Douglas Latimer who informs her Josiah died in a cave in along with Douglas’ wife. He makes a proposition to her, marry him and care for his two month old little girl Emilia, a proposition she readily accepts. After explaining her living conditions and that she spent her time in saloons she gives him the out to refuse to marry her something he does not do. Their marriage will be a marriage of convenience, wow famous last words.


Addie falls in love with Emmy as soon as she first holds her and it doesn’t take long before she falls for Emmy’s father as well, something she won’t admit to since he has made it known he will never love her. If you are a fan of Ms. Woolf and her mail-order bride series then you know that a trip to happily ever after doesn’t come without someone who means harm and this time that someone is Robert Cassidy who thought that blowing up the mine and killing Josiah would get him closer to owning the mine that he and Douglas own, he was wrong so now he has to get rid of Douglas and his new bride.


Addie wants a family of her own and she gets more than she ever bargained for but will she get the love she so wants or will she be the exception to the mail-order brides and live with a man who will never love her? As with all the mail-order bride series there is romance, danger and wonderful characters. I love reading about this time period only because I know I will never have to do the things these women do.