A Mighty Chieftain Book Cover A Mighty Chieftain
Romancing the Guardians, Book Eight
Lyn Horner
Paranormal Romance
Lynda Jensen
October 18, 2018

Lara Flewellen, the High Guardian of Danu, faces a lethal test. Can she defeat the vicious Hellhounds or will they force her and the other six Guardians to hand over the prophetic scrolls they and their ancestors have safeguarded since ancient times?

Balor, the Hellhound leader, and his followers have discovered the Guardians’ sanctuary in Canyon de Chelly, heart of the Navajo Nation. Trapped along with their mates and their native protector, the Guardians must run from one hiding place in the canyon to another using their supernatural powers and raw courage to survive. Fear and suffering are their constant companions.

Tearing Lara apart, Balor holds her twin sister prisoner, threatening her life. How can she save her twin and uphold her vow to guard the sacred prophecies at the same time? It seems impossible. A desperate prayer to Danu the Great Mother may bring a miracle . . . or catastrophe.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I am writing this review with a sense of sadness because this book is the conclusion of this series, a series I loved. If you have not read this series then I strongly suggest beginning with book one you won’t be sorry.

The Hellhounds are gathering and have once again found the Guardians and their mates. They are staying with Leon on Navajo land where they hoped they would be safe but like all the times before the Hellhounds know where they are. Master Balor the leader has had an unwilling ally leading him to the Guardians doorstep, Lara’s twin sister Sara. Sara thought she loved Balor but he used her weakness for heroin against her. Sara and Lara have the ability to reach each other through their minds and a promise of a fix was all it took for Sara to reveal her sister’s location.

All the Guardians and their mates are together with little in the way of weapons and totally outnumbered. Only with the use of some of their gifts could they hope to fight their enemy. Unfortunately their enemy will stop at nothing in order to obtain the scrolls, scrolls that the Guardians have been guarding with their lives. The Guardians have no choice but to run, hiding on top of a mountain where they should have been safe, but all it would take to find them was a shot of heroin.

What I loved most about this series were the characters, each book about one of the Guardians and finding their mate. In addition to this series being good against evil it was also about love and dedication. There was also a surprise that I didn’t see coming and have no intention of revealing.

As I stated earlier in my review this is a series that you should not miss and I am very happy that I didn’t.