Adamant Eve: Paranormal Dating Agency Book Cover Adamant Eve: Paranormal Dating Agency
Gemma-Hydrox Book 2
LJ Vickery
Sci-Fi Romance
MTW Press
February 22, 2019

Marek Stasky isn’t sure about this trip to Gemma-Hydrox, but he has no choice. He signed an agreement with Gerri Wilder, the Galaxy’s foremost matchmaker, before he knew the particulars of the inhabitants. Now he’s just confused. Since he doesn’t follow the, uh, proclivities of the natives, why exactly has Ms. Wilder recruited him? As the planet’s twin suns appear on the horizon, he knows he’ll soon find out. But that’s as far as it will go. No one can force a new lifestyle on him. No siree.
Eve doesn’t understand why she’s been assigned to take care of the luscious visitor from earth, but she knows she likes the way he looks and acts, way too much. Cautiously she allows herself to study him. But if she lets her interest show, and the lords find out, punishment will be dire. As she stands ready to serve, she judiciously keeps her head down and her mouth shut…until the human asks her a question.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Like his friend, Pace Ruffalo ,who we met in book one, Marek Stasky has decided it is time to settle down and go to see Gerri Wilder of the Paranormal Dating Agency. Pace got lucky and found the girl of his dreams and Marek is hoping that will happen to him. Gerri found him a match on Gemma-Hydrox where Pace met his wife and everything is fine until Marek discovers the true nature of the Hydroxenes. I will not reveal the true nature of the people on Gemma-Hydrox in the event you haven’t read book one, which I definitely recommend doing. Unfortunately he has signed a contract and has no choice but to go there and hope for the best with his friend Pace and Pace’s wife Lola.

Marek was warned that there is trouble brewing and a woman who needs him. When Marek lost the love of his life because of a drunk driver he gave up alcohol and being with any woman who reminded him of her. Being that the Hydroxenes have purple skin and blond hair there was no chance of the woman for him reminding him of his lost love. When Marek arrives he is informed that Gerri never indicted who the woman he was to marry was so women were set up for him with the hope he would find her himself.

Of all the women who attracted him it was Eve a girl serving him, a girl who has only known a life locked in the basement along with eleven other women. Since a child she and her friends have known only darkness and unhappiness and any small error on their part meant punishment. In order to please Marek permission was given to Eve to speak to him if he asked anything of her but there was no doubt that both Eve and Marek were drawn to each other.

The reason for Eve and the others to be kept as prisoners is not for me to say but it was quite surprising. Marek has to find a way to be with Eve and that is where the story picks up steam. As I said before I would definitely begin by reading book one “Keeping Pace” since Pace and Lola are part of this story. This is such a unique sci-fi series filled with surprises, secrets and romance.