Adric's Heart: A Fada Novel Book Cover Adric's Heart: A Fada Novel
The Fada Shapeshifter Series Book 6
Rebecca Rivard
Paranormal Romance - Shifter
Wild Hearts Press
March 20, 2020

To save his clan, this bad boy alpha sacrificed everything—even his honor. Will he be forced to give up his mate as well?

Cougar shifter Adric Savonett is the youngest alpha in the world—and not because he’s a nice guy. He and his sister are alive today thanks to the ruthlessness he hides beneath his cocky rock-star exterior. But now his sister is in danger from a dark fae prince.

Dolphin shifter Rosana do Rio might be young and inexperienced, but her heart recognizes Adric as her mate. Unfortunately, their clans are bitter rivals, and Adric refuses to play Romeo to her Juliet.

Then Rosana comes to him with an offer he never expected—and can’t refuse. That one night he’s craved with her? She’s ready.

He shouldn’t say yes, but he can’t resist.

But that one night sets off a deadly chain of events, and the two find themselves locked in a battle with the malevolent fae prince—with Rosana as the prize. Adric must choose between saving her...or his sister.

Make the wrong choice, and none of them will get home alive...

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Although the books in this series can be read alone I highly recommend reading them in order from book one since the characters do reappear in each story and the storyline continues throughout the series.

This is Adric Savonett’s story, the alpha of the Baltimore Earth Fada’s, a clan that was near destruction if Adric hadn’t killed his uncle the previous alpha. Now hoping that the dark times are behind him he is slowly bringing his clan back from the darkness but not without betrayal on the part of some of his own clan. His own cousins were responsible for his sister Marjani being kidnapped, raped and near death when she was found.

For six and a half years Adric has wanted a river fada, the alpha of his biggest rival’s sister, Rosana do Rio hoping for one night with her so he can finally put her out of his mind. There is no chance for him and Rosana to mate since they are from totally different species of Fada but that doesn’t stop him from hoping.

When Rosana who has wanted Adric as much as he has wanted her finally offers him the one night he has longed for willing to give up her viginity to the man who has owned her heart for years he jumps at the chance. Unfortunately for him the one night definitely proved to be just a sample of something he knows he can’t have but desperately wants. As a Seer Rosana has seen Adric’s death at the hands of the night fae because she has no doubt that he is going after the night fae prince Langdon.

Langdon wants Majani for killing his son leaving him with no heirs. The only heir he has is the daughter of his third son born of a human woman who he never claimed and now wants. She is the only one of his blood he has left and another reason Adric wants him dead, his sister’s life will always be in danger while Langdon is alive and Merry, Langdon’s granddaughter now part of the Rock Run clan run by Rosana’s brother Dion is in danger if Langdon finds out she is alive.

This book like the others was non stop action, non stop romance and filled with amazing characters. the relationship between Rosana and Adric is hot and going no where if Adric has his way but Rosana is not an ordinary fada she will fight with everything she has to get the alpha she knows in her heart is her mate.

As much as I loved this series and the characters I have one thing negative to say, IT IS OVER AND I WANTED MORE.