Air of Darkness Book Cover Air of Darkness
Elemental Mages, Book 1
Rose O'Brien
Paranormal Romance, Military, Vampire, Werewolf, Shifter
Rose O'Brien
October 15, 2018

Alayna Blackwell is doomed. A deadly curse will put her in an early grave, if a rogue vampire or shifter doesn't punch her ticket first. Until then, she's determined to use her elemental magic to keep her city safe and the supernatural hidden from the everyday world. On the trail of a powerful serial killer taking out mortal and magical alike, the stakes have never been higher for her team of elite magical creatures.

The last thing she needs is a gorgeous FBI agent stumbling into her investigation.

When his best friend is brutally murdered, Special Agent Alex Martinez vows to find the killer. His hunt for vengeance pulls him into a supernatural world he never imagined, exposing abilities he never knew he had. To survive in this new world, he needs to confront the scars of his past, before they cost him everything he’s worked so hard to rebuild.

When Alex and Alayna are forced to team up, the alchemical reaction is instant. Sparks fly and unexpected feelings develop, but deadly secrets threaten to tear them apart. When love wars with duty, can either survive the dark forces threatening their city?

Cover by Mayflower Studio.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a book that has it all, shifters, dragons, trolls, Goblins, vampires, mages, romance, sex, suspense, betrayals and amazing characters but even though I have stated everything you could possibly want in an urban fantasy I will give you a little more to whet your appetite.

Special FBI Agent Alex Martinez has been tracking a killer even though he is going rogue to do it. His friend Blanca Rodriguez who served two tours in Afghanistan and who was largely responsible for giving him his life back after he returned a broken man was found butchered and left like garbage under a bridge.

A visit to a club seeking a witness did not go exactly as planned. A beautiful, tall blond beat him to his witness and when he found them in the alley he saw what his eyes couldn’t comprehend, a vampire and people appearing and disappearing into thin air. Suddenly everything Alex ever thought about the world has been turned upside down.

Alayna Blackwell a mage aka a Whisperer is the Commander of a strike team for the entire city and is also looking for the killer of not just Blanca but of six others. Alayna had no choice but to erase Alex’s memory of what happened in the alley and in order to distract him from what she was doing she kissed him, a kiss she would not forget but a kiss he would.

When Alayna revisits the club she sees Alex and for some unknown reason his memory is back and not only does he remember what he saw and the kiss he also seems to be able to see through the glamour, seeing whatever monster exists behind it. Alex is a lithseach a rare person able to see all the supernatural creatures around him and he now has a target on his back. The only way Alayna can see to protect him is to let him join her team and reveal what he is.

Working together keeping their feelings hidden becomes almost impossible but Alayna knows that as a Whisperer her days are numbered, it is her curse and one she has no intention of subjecting Alex to. How can she have a relationship with him when that relationship could be very short leaving him grieving?

The search for the killer is in full force but the reason behind the killings is very disturbing and something I will not reveal. Alayna is betrayed by someone she considered a dear friend putting her and her team in danger but the killers must be stopped then an even more deadly discovery means her Whisperer power has to be put into effect. Alex knows what could happen to her when the Reckoning comes but as a medic he is determined to change the ending.

This was a wonderful book as I previously said and the characters were amazing and although there is no cliffhanger there is definitely more to come. My favorite character besides Alex and Alayna was Z the dragon, her familiar.