All Done With It Book Cover All Done With It
A Dreamwalker Mystery
Maggie Toussaint
Paranormal Romance Mystery
Camel Press
August 3, 2020

A murdered athlete, eleven missing people, and a deserted afterlife greatly concern Dreamwalker Baxley Powell, especially when she connects these incidents. The realms of the living and the dead are separate for a reason, but that status is endangered. If she doesn’t stop this threat, no one will be safe.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When I finished my review for book six I said I couldn’t wait for the next book but now it is here and it is the final book so there will be no more and for that I am sad. Baxley Powell Mayes is now married to her Cherokee husband Sam and is nine months pregnant with their son so all is good, but if you have been reading this series then you know that all is good rarely refers to Baxley and her life. As the crime consultant and county dreamwalker there is always something happening.

A female jogger is found dead, her husband missing and the people living in the house nearby are also gone and Baxley is not in a position to sleepwalk for fear of harming her unborn child. Sam is the second in command under Sheriff Wayne Thompson who after a while I went from disliking to accepting. While checking the body for clues something unbelievable happens a shadow left her body and entered into one of the deputies and it didn’t take long to realize that the shadow had changed him. 

Sam is nervous about what this shadow is and is convinced that it wants Baxley and possibly their child. In spite of Baxley’s determination to help solve the case Sam is just as determined about keeping her a distance from anything related to the shadow. Jane Doe’s identity is discovered and she is Fabrina Louise Anderson who comes to visit Baxley in her dream crying that someone is chasing her and that she has done something very bad but other than that she gives Baxley no additional information.

When Bubba Paxton, Baxley’s father’s assistant coroner and family friend disappears things begin to become clear. They discover where he is and where other people from town have been taken to so it is up to Baxley, Sam and their friends to rescue them. In the meantime Baxley is hobbling along with swollen feet and a huge stomach hoping that her son will come soon. Able to have an open communication with the baby he has made it very clear that he is happy in her womb and is not ready to enter the world yet.

The mystery of what the shadow is, saving the world from annihilation and waiting for her baby to be born has made Baxley’s life a whirlwind of drama, evil, and a reappearance of a past enemy not exactly how I would want to spend my ninth month of pregnancy but if anyone can overcome everything that is happening it is Baxley or is she finally facing an evil even she can’t stop .

If you have been reading this series then you like me looked forward to each book but now that it is over all questions are answered.