All the Broken Places Book Cover All the Broken Places
The Healing Edge
Anise Eden
Paranormal Romance
Diversion Books
February 16, 2016

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Cate Duncan’s life is a mess. Her mom is dead, a suicide, and Cate has had to take a leave of absence to deal with the resultant depression. A therapist, Cate keeps up with her patients even while she’s on the leave, especially Elana Bruter, whose abusive drug-dealing boyfriend is wrecking the woman’s life. But the pressures of the job are getting to her and she’s just not coping. The leave causes Cate’s boss, Dr. Nelson, to recommend, strongly, that she enter a new program that was being run by one of his associates, Dr. Angeline MacGregor and her former Marine son, Ben.


But the program, housed in an old church, isn’t exactly something main-stream, it has Reiki, acupuncture, aural-readings, and more, all the new agie stuff that most people put down. She’s put into a three-week regimen of no meat, no sex, and eight hour days learning the program.


All the while, she’s alternately pushing Ben away and he’s trying not to get involved with a client. But it becomes hard when Cate does something she wasn’t supposed to do and ends up in a physical crisis. He’s forced to look at her in a different light.


Cate, always strong willed, makes it known she’s not staying, she dislikes him, and she’s going home. From there, it gets even more dangerous and makes her face her own fears.


Ok, I admit it, I loved this book. Parapsychology is one of my interests and the work that is going on with Cate is very interesting. Anise Eden has woven the story of Cate and the McGregor clinic with a very interesting storyline and wonderfully believable characters. She’s made Cate very sympathetic and Ben is strong but sometimes needs a swift kick in the pants. I loved Ben, Asa, Vani, Eve, and especially Kai. They fast became like good friends. Even the side story with Elana and Don was well written and didn’t take away from the rest of the story. I found the book so easy to read, I was actually sad that it ended.
The good news is, it’s a series and I’ll get to visit with the McGregor clinic gang again very soon.