Among the Living Book Cover Among the Living
PsyCop Book 1
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal
JCP Books, LLC
October 18, 2009

Review By Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

If anyone knows anything about me, you know I am a read-a-holic! So where have I been? Under a rock? Why is this my first Jordan Castillo Price Book? I know it will not be my last!  This is a wonderful, original premise you will not want to miss.

I realize that there are some police departments using the help of psychics now. So Ms Price takes it one step further in having PsyCops in all mainstream police departments with teams of one psyche partnered with one non-psyche, also called stiffs.

It is here we meet Victor Bayne, fifth level psychic, at a party for his retiring partner. Victor can speak to the dead, ghosts who haunt the spot where they were killed, giving him the whole gory story. Our author writes with a fine line of humor, along with the gore that enhances the story even more. He is either arguing or talking to ghosts in corners. Sometimes they are witnesses if they are in the right place to have seen a crime.

Now let me tell you about Jacob. Did I forget to tell you of the very sexy scene at the retirement party? Jacob is a PsyCop ‘stiff’ working with his Psychic partner. How they both get into the same bathroom, and how ‘close’ they become in that bathroom is something for you to read.

Let me say this is a Novella that begins a great new series. I plan to read all of them, and of course, report to you all as I do. Jordan Castillo Price, you have written a great start to a fun series!