REVIEW: Andre (Gentlemen of the Emerald City Book 5) – L.A. Witt

Andre (Gentlemen of the Emerald City Book 5) Book Cover Andre (Gentlemen of the Emerald City Book 5)
Andre (Gentlemen of the Emerald City Book 5)
L.A. Witt
LGBTQ Romance/Sports/Contemporary
Independently Published
September 15, 2021


There’s nothing quite like a night with one of the Gentlemen of the Emerald City. No strings. No complications. I’ve been burned by love, and I’m not going there again.

Unlike my teammates who fell for their Gentlemen, I know how to keep emotions from coming into play.

At least… I used to.


I used to love this job. The money doesn’t matter—just the thrill. But that thrill is gone now.

That is, until I meet Matt. And that’s before he starts looking at me like that. And booking me more often. And making my heart do things it’s not supposed to do when I’m on the clock.

How do I convince a jaded man that love is worth another try?

Gentlemen of the Emerald City

Andre is Book 5 of Gentlemen of the Emerald City, a sexy series centered around the high class, high-dollar Gentlemen of Seattle’s most exclusive escort service. Each book is full of snark, sass, and sweetness, and like any Emerald City client, you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

We have met Andre in Marco’s book. We also know how he was treated by Tony….As a Gentlemen of Emerald City, Andre had a life, a great job as an artist and did not need the money…He liked working at the gentlemans club to meet new people and the sex wasn’t bad!! Tony did a number on him for the weeks he had hired Andre to be his fiancé to get Julian back. He treated Andre like a sexual toy, all for his sexual pleasure not as a human being with feelings…

Andre had decided he might leave the club and was refusing meetings making his boss Anita angry…..Until Matt….

Matt was a hockey player on the same Seattle hockey team Luca and Cole met their loves. He was another of the ‘OUT” players on the team. He had two very bad experiences and never sought out another relationship….He had been using Emerald City for years when in town and it suited his needs…NO Relationships.

Many of his go to guys are no longer available and he sees gorgeous Andre and books him after breaking his arm and being benched for a few months.

Now the author puts us through Matt No relationship 2 men broke my heart and Andre the thrill is gone because of Tony, I don’t need the money to get their acts together and find what they need the most is each other…

I loved going back to the hockey team and enjoying the first engagement with Luca doing the honors on one knee while everyone watched……

The last book will be the hardest….The man who has played on the team slamming all the gay players, in denial of who he is…..Can’t wait for book 6


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