Angelic Anarchy Book Cover Angelic Anarchy
Heaven on Earth Book 1
J.P. Epperson
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Wicked Peach Publishing LLC
September 6, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Belleeza is an angel who discovered that she will be assigned to find a missing boy and her partner will be Colton. Colton was Belleeza’s boyfriend and partner until he fell. For the last four years he has begged to be a viator, someone who is given a second chance for redemption to get to Heaven before he winds up in Hell. When he fell he broke Belleeza’s heart since he is the one man she has loved unconditionally and in spite of her anger and distrust still does.

Belleeza and Colton need to find a young man about fifteen or sixteen and are given very little information about him other than to bring him home. Unfortunately angels are not the only ones trying to find this boy because the demons are interested in him as well.

Belleeza has always been different from other angels because she always felt there was darkness as well as light inside her but she is about to learn that her darkness is something the devil himself wants. Belleeza is believed to be a part of a prophecy but it will take her falling to fulfill it. Is she headed down the same road as Colton?

Colton knows why he fell but is forbidden to reveal it. His love for Belleeza is as strong today as the day he betrayed her and he wants to prove to her that he has changed. They soon discover who the missing boy is and who his real parents are and that makes it clear why the demons want him.

In their attempts to save the boy they are attacked by demons and this time Colton is badly injured and Belleeza finds herself strapped down and beaten. She is whipped so badly that there is no flesh left on her back but she refuses to give the demons what they want. It is only with the help of other angels, Liam and Olivia that she is saved, but is there hope for Colton who appeared to be dead when she last saw him.

This was a wonderful book filled with angels, witches and demons. It is also filled with love, hate and torture. There is suspense, secrets, lies and a betrayal that I never saw coming. Belleeza finds herself in a battle between good and evil and the outcome is not something I will reveal. I can’t wait for book two.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**