Angels of Mercy - Diary of a Quarterback - Part II: Prince of Mistakes Book Cover Angels of Mercy - Diary of a Quarterback - Part II: Prince of Mistakes
SA Collins
MM Romance
Akwekon Media
March 24, 2017

In Diary of a Quarterback – Part Two: Prince of Mistakes, Marco has decided to put all of the jock laden toys away. He knows what he wants: Elliot Donahey and nothing – not his family, not his friends or the townspeople of Mercy – will get in his way. But others are watching and taking notice and not liking what they see. Darkness begins to circle the boys as they find their way to each other.

Will Marco find happiness in the arms of Elliot? Or will those around them who seek to tear them apart stop Marco from finding true love? Set against the rugged coastline located just outside of Big Sur, these boys and their friends lead surprisingly dramatic lives. Mercy is a town full of secrets. Some of them have the ability to destroy lives. Will Marco and Elliot have the strength to find a way to happiness and true love? Or will a meddlesome cheerleader and Marco’s teammate, Beau, find a way to tear them apart?

Reviewed by: Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book is the second part of a two part prequel to the Angels of Mercy series.  It continues the diary entries of Marco Sforza and his life in the town of Mercy, California.  Marco is the quarterback and golden boy of the high school.  But Marco would trade it all for the attention and affection of Elliot Donahey.  In this second diary, Marco is faced with that decision and its repercussions.  Marco has seen his life taken apart before, and when not only his classmates, but his family, seem determined to steer him down that path again, he must decide what is truly important.

As in the first part, I found having already read the first book in the Angels of Mercy series made the diary easier to follow.  The focus of the book is on the emotions and motivations of Marco and is not your usual romance novel.   It was fascinating to see the story from Marco’s perspective, especially his pursuit of Elliot and the thought processes and decisions he made in that effort.  It continues the character study that the author employs throughout the series.  Seeing high school through Marco’s lens, with all the angst and horrible stereotypes that are inherent in that experience, brought back all the good and bad memories of my own high school experience.