Asael's Nature Book Cover Asael's Nature
A Series of Angels Book 3
Joel Crofoot
Paranormal Romance
May 27, 2017

When the fallen angel Asael returns to earth, he slips back into his old ways as the angel of punishment by performing in night clubs until he gets an interesting new client - a demon who enjoys his punishment shows.
Isda, a young healer, gets dragged into the ongoing war for her research into a new drug and attracts the attention of demons. Asael is assigned to protect her and the relationship begins to bloom, but her feelings are at odds with everything she has been told about how to behave, and can she compete with the demon that shares a passion of his?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Since his return from hell after seven generations in the pit Asael has returned to his acts of punishment. He appears at a sex club where he inflicts pain to those who enjoy BDSM and one night his subject is a demon named Audrey who will appear in his life again.

Asael has piercings all over his face and wears black eyeliner and his looks perfectly match what he does. The one thing that Asael doesn’t do is have sex with the women he punishes. Left thousands of years ago by the human woman he loved he went about sleeping with as many human women as he could and incited others to do the same, that was what brought them to hell as fallen angels.

Isda is a healer and when she found herself being attacked by a demon in her home she transported for the first time and wound up in Asael’s kitchen. Apparently he was on her mind and although he has been attracted to her he swore he would never allow himself to be hurt by a woman again. Suprisingly Isda is more than willing to just have sex with no strings attacked something he finds himself very willing to accept.

Isda is researching drugs that can aid sustance and health and she is wanted by a demon named Zepar the very demon that Audrey works for. When Audrey is captured by Asael and locked in a cage she begins to fall for her prisoner, namely Asael but in spite of her showing signs of turning to good can she be trusted. The only one she converses with is Heather, a therapist who is brought to Gabriel’s home for her safety. Heather is Jahi’s therapist and could lead the demons to her.

I love this series filled with sex, suspense and amazing characters. Although this series can be read separately I highly recommend reading from the first book so you don’t miss out on anything.