Astounding! Book Cover Astounding!
Kim Fielding
M/M Sci-Fi
Dreamspinner Press
June 26, 2015

Review by: Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Carter Evans has a problem. He’s the editor of a science fiction magazine called Astounding!. After several years of success, including the launch of his former partner’s lucrative writing career, the magazine isn’t paying the bills any longer. Carter’s in a rut, no close friends other than his ex and his husband, he’s drinking way too much, and he has an author who is consistently sending him horrible stories about aliens stranded on Earth who just want to go home. After a night of drinking, he discovers he’s written a horribly rude rejection letter to the author and he makes the trip to Portland to apologize to the guy.

That is where the story gets interesting. John Harper is gorgeous, sweet, and has a very interesting story himself. He tells Carter the story in exchange for a promise for publishing the written submission that Carter declined that resulted in the meeting.

And it’s that story that drives the rest of the book, the road trip with his ex and husband, the great sex, and the fight that would become very necessary. And that story is wonderful!

I don’t want to spill any of the great secrets, the wonderful story, or the twists at the end. I LOVED this book. I grew up reading science fiction magazines like Asimov’s, Analog, and Amazing F & SF, so Carter’s job was very familiar to me. I know what the process he uses is like. I was amused at his ex’s rise from newbie author to the famous author status that really reminded me of the fandom around another famous author who now has a hit HBO show about his books.

I have to commend Kim Fielding. Everything about the book was well done. The sex scenes weren’t ‘in your face’ and full of moving parts and grunts, it was done tastefully and fitting into the greater story. The interesting part of John’s character, and Carter’s reaction to it, was wonderfully put together.

If you love stories about differences, about exploring new love, and don’t mind a little science fiction within your romance, do yourself a favor and pick up Astounding!