The Avalar: Daughter of the Air Book Cover The Avalar: Daughter of the Air
Stories from the Mist #3
T.M. Sulsona
Paranormal Fantasy Romance
November 12, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a book that is at least six hundred pages long and that might deter people from wanting to read it. I am here to say that in spite of the length of the book I was hooked from the first page to the last and never found myself getting bored or longing for the book to finally end. How can you get bored with a book that is full of surprises, secrets, betrayals, explicit sex, suspense and violence. Add in a sexy Avalar warrior and a beautiful heroine.

Keirah Sinclaire’s father is a Laird of the Woodland Isles and she has waited for a long time to be chosen. She was raised in the ways of the Avalar and it is in dreams that an Avalar warrior makes his desires known to the one he chooses. Finally after having dreams of her warrior she is readying herself for his arrival and for him to make his intentions known. What she never expected was that the Avalar who is her chosen is none other than Toryn the son and heir to Albion, King of the Avalar.

Before Keirah and Toryn are wed her mother reveals two secrets to her the first being that her mother is a daughter of Avalar who eloped with her father when she became pregnant. Her mother was not only banned from Avalar but she was forced to turn over her child, a son. Twenty-five years ago Keirah and Toryn’s fathers fought a battle against a cruel leader and killed each male ensuring that the evil would once and for all be gone. It was Toryn’s father Albion who came to the aid of Keirah’s father, Alagoran and unbeknownst to each a son survived and is ready to take his revenge.

Jallon McDinnah watched as his father and brother were beheaded at Albion’s hand and his hatred toward him and Keirah’s father know no bounds. The marriage between Keirah and Toryn is the perfect time for him to take his revenge and to take something from Toryn that will bring him to his knees, his wife.

Keirah knows all about her brother and is determined to reunite him with her parents and Albion is well aware of it. The love between Keirah and Toryn is very strong and just growing stronger. The sex between them is beautiful and his devotion to his wife is something any woman would envy. Unfortunately for Toryn his new bride is not a push over and not about to be easily controlled. Keirah spent years trying to be the son her father never had by learning to be a swordswoman and that made her independent and strong willed. Toryn has his hands full but he is happy for the woman the gods chose for him.

This is the point where I have to fight with myself not to reveal everything because there is so much good stuff to share but I won’t ruin it for anyone. War is coming between Jallon McDinnah and Toryn with Keirah the one caught in the middle. Keirah has a gift, a gift she has feared her entire life and which Toryn is trying to get her to accept and use. Using her gift could help Toryn defeat his enemy but she is afraid it will make her evil.

There are so many secrets, so many surprises and I am not going to divulge any of them. All I can say is that this is a book I highly recommend.