Avenging Lance Book Cover Avenging Lance
A Warrior's Redemption Trilogy Book 3
M.D. Grimm
LGBT Fantasy
Independently Published
September 29, 2020

A child’s memory.

A journey’s end.

Lance doesn’t remember the time before Ulfr found him. It’s a dark pit in his mind that he avoids at all costs. And yet, despite his best efforts, pieces start to fall, and echoes from the past begin to ring. However, he has little time to comprehend their meaning, since the Captain of the Imperial Army herself has come to collect him and bring him to the capital city of the Nifdem Empire.

Whisked away to the gilded streets and glittering court of the Hill of Tarran, and then to the snowy reaches of Swenen, Lance and Gust will learn the answers to questions they’ve had from the start. And be forced to acknowledge their roles in the survival of the empire and the ripple effects of their actions. But such knowledge can come at a steep price.

As allies and enemies begin to step from the shadows, Lance will learn the truth of his past and the price of his redemption, and all the pain that comes with them. While Gust will have to decide what he’s willing to sacrifice to safeguard the one he loves.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 


The journey is over for Gust and Lance a journey of love and redemption. This is a series that must be read in order and if you have been reading it then you know what happened at the end of book two. Now we pick up exactly where we left off with Gust, Lance and the children they rescued facing Captain Vibiana and the Imperial Army. They are informed that Empress Aurelia has requested them be brought to her and of course our two heroes are sure they are facing imprisonment or death.


The captain releases Ylva the new Scourge from her ropes in spite of what Gust and Lance try to reveal about her but she is still nobility. Death and imprisonment is not what the two face, they face cheers and hugs from the Empress herself because she sees Lance and Gust as the saviors of the kingdom, the ones who can bring peace between the horde and the empire. She knows of Lance’s search for redemption and his desire to kill only to protect the innocent, his time as Scourge is ended and all because of a baby’s laugh.


As they journey to Swenen to face the horde Lance begins to remember his past, a painful past one that he has kept locked inside. Traitors are discovered and once again it is two children who put Lance on the path to his past and future. With Brutus, Lance’s divine horse and Gust by his side he knows he must face the horde and bring a long awaited peace, but he is one man so he questions what he will be able to do.


Lord Jorvikr has been working behind the scenes to keep the war going but even if he is removed there will just be another monster waiting in the wings and that is exactly what Lance and Gust must face. Fate and the gods have been directing Lance and Gust but can they do what no one has been able to before.


I loved this series and the two main characters whose love for each other and faith in each other is unparalleled. Gust who loves the very man who killed his parents but who knows that it was Scourge not Lance who did the deed and it is Lance who he first met and fell in love with. A book that took us on the journey with Gust and Lance as Lance fought who he was in the past and who he wants to be in the future.  Lance’s past took me by surprise, it was filled with pain and death but finally allowed him to see the real him.


I can’t recommend this series highly enough, it is a journey to discovery and both the main characters and the secondary characters were wonderful.