The Awakening Book Cover The Awakening
Project Eve - Book 1
Mary Abshire
Urban Fantasy
Lyrical Press
January 1, 2012

Reviewed by:    Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

From page one, this book had me hooked.  A young woman awakens to find herself in a dump surrounded by dead bodies and standing over her are two men.  She has no memory of who she is or what she is.  When she finds out that one of the men who found her is a vampire named Boss and a the other is a human named Jonas, she is convinced that they are crazy.  Unfortunately the really crazy part is that she is told she is a half-breed vampire.  Could it get any worse?  Of course it could especially when she finds out that she may also be part demon.

She has no idea what her name is and when Boss probes her mind, it is totally lacking in any memory. The only things she has are two receipts and a small knife with the initials SB. Someone has wiped her memories.  Who?  Why?  Why were her memories be wiped, yet she was not killed? Boss is determined to find out what is going on since it is his job to monitor the various breeds. Was the woman responsible for all the dead at the dump? Did she actually kill them herself? How can she possible be part of two breeds? It is unheard of.  Since she has no memory of who she is, what she is, or even her name she has no choice but to stick with Boss and Jonas and hopefully find answers.

At Boss’ home she meets Tabby a female shifter who immediately becomes her friend. Stephanie, the name Jonas gives her until she remembers her real one, returns the friendship.  Boss, on the other hand, does not trust her and believes that she is dangerous. Jonas and Tabby are determine to protect Stephanie against Boss or anyone else who could cause her harm.

The more investigating that is done, the more confusing everything becomes.  The two receipts make no sense. One is to a pawnshop where she pawned a demon watch, a timepiece that gives both earth and hell time and opens a portal into hell itself.  What could she possibly have needed a watch like that for?  The other receipt is for a book store where she bought a journal. Where is the journal?  Does it have answers to who she is and what she is?

Someone must have made Stephanie what she is, but who? If she is, indeed, the only one of her kind, then someone must be looking for her.  Will she ever find out?  Does she have family that might know?  Could her parents be vampire and demon?

I really enjoyed this book so much so that my husband had to beg me to put it down to make dinner.  Jonas and Tabby were such wonderful characters, devoted and loyal friends. Boss in spite of coming off arrogant and uncaring, is very protective of those he cares about.

I just want to let the readers know that there is no actual ending to this book.  Most of the questions are not answered.  I really enjoyed the book but was very disappointed in the ending.