Backward Book Cover Backward
Bronco's Boys Book 3
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 13, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Once again, we are back at Bronco’s Bar with all the wonderful characters who hang out there. We catch up with Bull Krebbs and his partner, Zach, who were the focus of book one. Bull is a giant of a man, bald and tattooed, and little Zack is ticklish and silly and loves the big guy and sees him as a large teddy bear. Book two was about Jeremy and his partner, Spook. Spook is a mystery with a past few know about and Jeremy is just an ordinary guy and is one of the foursome. Now the only ones unattached are Kevin and Tristan.

Harry Klinger, Bull’s partner at the club watches as his best friend has everything he wants. He wants that special someone to come home to every night, and the one he has his eyes on is Tristan. He has been attracted to Tristan for months. However, when he hooked up with Eddie Menendez, Harry gave up any hope of being with him. Harry hopes that he has a chance with Tristan, but he is afraid it is too soon since he was the one who caused the break up.

Eddie turned out to be a big drug dealer. As soon as Tristan became aware of it he left, only Eddie is not one to give up. Fearing Eddie will harm Tristan and find out where he and Kevin live, all the friends group together. Kevin goes to stay with Spook and Jeremy and Tristan goes to Harry. Harry has his chance now to help Tristan and make him see that he is the right man for him. The only problem Tristan has at Harry’s home is the cat, Butterscotch. Tristan hates cats and is convinced they are carnivores out to eat people.

Since this is a story about Bronco’s and all the characters we have grown to love, there is no doubt trouble will brew. Eddie will cause all sorts of trouble for the club and Tristan, and it will take all the friends to join together to help. Will Harry finally get what he has always wanted, the man he loves? Will Tristan overcome what Eddie did to him and open himself up to Harry? Will Butterscotch eat Tristan? (KIDDING).

I have read many many of Andrew Grey’s books, and they all received five stars, so I have to explain why. I am not related to him, I am not his friend, I am not even a minor acquaintance, and I definitely am not getting paid, so what is the answer? I LOVE HIS BOOKS, it is that simple.

This book has explicit sex, love, kidnapping, betrayal, and wonderful characters. When I receive one of his books, I never wonder if it will be good. He has a wonderful way of portraying the gay community as loving and just looking for what everyone else out there is looking for, love. Thank you, Andrew Grey, for another heartwarming book. Whatever you do, don’t miss the first two books in this series, although they don’t have to be read in order, why miss out on what happened before?