Bad to Be Worthy Book Cover Bad to Be Worthy
Bad to Be Good Book 2
Andrew Grey
LGBT Contemporary Romance
Dreamspinner Press
March 9, 2021

When a former mobster’s past catches up with him, will it end the quiet life he’s been struggling with, or transform it into something he couldn’t have imagined?

Sometimes Gerome Meadows longs for the excitement of the life he left behind for Witness Protection. But when he stands up to a bully in a bar to protect a homeless man, his past comes very close to home—and it’s no longer what he wants.

Tucker Wells has been living in a tent, surviving with the aid of his friend Cheryl and helping her watch over her son. When he winds up on the wrong side of an argument with some dangerous people, his already difficult life is thrown into turmoil. Gerome steps in to find them a temporary apartment, and Tucker is grateful and relieved.

Gerome never meant to open the door to trouble. His life and Tucker’s depend on keeping his past a mystery. But as his desire to protect develops into something deeper, he and Tucker will have to evaluate what family means—and hope that their growing feelings pass unimaginable tests.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

My second visit to Longboat Key, Florida and my favorite witness protection ex-mobsters. In book one we had Richard’s story now married to Daniel and raising Daniel’s son Coby, now it is Gerome Meadow’s turn but will he have the HEA ending that Richard had.


Just a quick run through on what put Gerome, Richard and Terrance into witness protection. In Detroit they were all powerful and rich but when Garvic Senior died Junior wanted nothing to do with the gay end of the business and decided the three had to go, literally, so they acted first and gave State’s evidence putting them in Longboat Key, Florida. Gerome can’t accept everything he gave up to be the manager at a gift shop but knows there is no going back. His life is boring but that all changes the night he takes a walk on the beach.


Gerome saw two boats doing something he was sure was illegal and when he finds a brick of money on the beach, he is sure that trouble has come to Longboat. Instead of minding his own business he sees a young man looking for something and he is sure he beat him to it. The next time he sees the man he is being harassed and looks to be in trouble and once again Gerome intervenes putting a target on his and his friends backs.


Tucker Wells lives in a tent and the promise of money to pick up and deliver a package on the beach was too tempting for someone who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. The man who hired him is convinced that he has the package and will not stop at anything to get it back. Following Tucker to where his tent is located, he is ready to give Tucker a beating only he is stopped by Gerome who couldn’t resist following the man. Tucker is alone except for Cheryl and her young son Joshie who welcomed Tucker and looked after him. Now trouble is coming and Gerome once again steps up putting them in Richard’s old apartment giving them the luxury of real beds, food and showers.


I am not going into too much detail of what happens because I have to leave something for you to find out for yourself but I will say the book never gets boring. Gerome’s feelings for Tucker put all of them in danger of being discovered by the Garvic organization which would mean being relocated and turning Richard, Daniel and Coby’s lives upside down not to mention having to leave Tucker, Cheryl and young Joshie back on their own.


I love all the characters but my heart belongs to two very young boys, Coby and Joshie who you can’t help but love. Once again Mr. Grey has educated me on witness protection and the difficulties inherent with it and kept me entertained during a pandemic keeping me at home. Now I anxiously await Terrance’s story, he definitely deserves one.