Barricades Book Cover Barricades
World of Love Book 27
Dem Had
M/M Romance
Dreamspiner Press
May 24, 2019

They were raised to hate each other, but love has other plans.

When introverted bookworm Orestis escapes his homophobic parents and abusive home for a night out with friends, he meets artist Emir, and the passion between them is instant and explosive. But Orestis is a Greek Cypriot and Emir is Turkish Cypriot, and neither society nor their families will accept their love. If they want a romance that lasts beyond one fiery, forbidden night, they’ll have to face the backlash.

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Nineteen year old Orestis longs for the kind of relationship his best friend Alex has with his partner Nicolas but he is sure that it will never happen to him. One night at a bar he meets a man who sets him on fire but he only has that one night to remember because his one night stand walks away without even asking his name.

Emir is a Turkish Cypriot and knows that there is no chance for a future with Orestis who is a Greek Cypriot. Unfortunately in spite of thinking he was doing the right thing walking away he can’t get the young man out of his mind. Orestis like Emir is determined to find the man who set his heart on fire and with a little research he finds him.

This is a forbidden love story, a Turkish Cypriot and a Greek Cypriot fall in love but in addition to that difference they also have to deal with being gay. Emir’s family accepts him but that is not the case with Orestis whose father uses him as a punching bag and whose mother turns a blind eye.

Two young men looking for love, one of them sure and one of them doubting. The question do I love him, does he love me, will we last, questions that can lead to disappointment and pain. I will not go into any more detail about this love affair or who had the doubts but it is a beautiful story.