The Beacon Book Cover The Beacon
The Original's Trilogy Book 1
Cara Crescent
Paranormal Romance
Cara Crescent Books, LLC
March 28, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

James Pasquino has existed for a millennium, he was a human, a priest and now damned as a daemon, vampire. As a Templar James tried to get a young girl, Lilith to admit she was a witch and beg forgiveness from God all of which she refused to do. She was going to be burned at the stake and her only request was for James to kill her before the flames reached her. James couldn’t save her life but he did kill her before the flames got to her and that was when he lost his soul.

James is the Watcher’s personal assassin and he follows orders hoping one day he will get his soul back and be free. James was drawn to a home where he found a girl being beaten to death, a girl whose name was Lilith. This time he was determined to protect Lilith and he did.

Twenty years went by before James found himself once again in the presence of Lilith who has returned to her childhood home, Haven House. James has taken up residence in the house and is shocked when Lilith shows up.

Lilith lost her magic twenty years ago and now she returns hoping to regain it. Unfortunately she is not returning alone because since she lost her magic she also found herself with an evil entity attached to her. The entity is Aimee and when Lilith finds James at the house she fears that Aimee will be a danger to him, what she doesn’t know is that there is a greater danger in the house one that James has had to deal with every night.

James learns that the reason he was drawn to Lilith twenty years ago was because she had called out to her mate to save her, she knows that James is her mate but he has no idea. Now James and Lilith are living together and she is well aware of what he means to her but it will take time for him to accept his feelings for her. Lilith’s best friend Trina will be coming to live with her, it was Trina who allowed James entry into the home so he could get to Lilith in time to save her.

Lilith is not an ordinary witch she is special and is wanted by all the wrong people. The head of the coven Lilith was once a part of wants her and so does an old friend of James’, Julius Crowley, who has nothing good in mind for James or Lilith. There are so many secrets and surprises in this book and I will not reveal any of them. I will say that this book just made me hungry for more. Evil is coming and Lilith will be a part of it, only what is her role?

James and Lilith were amazing characters and I couldn’t help but love them both. Their love waited for their reunion and her reincarnation.