Beast of All Book Cover Beast of All
JC McKenzie
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy/Adult Themes/Violent
The Wild Rose Press

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Well we have arrived at the end of the Carus series. While I was not in love with every book, the series kept building. The plots were always exceptional and they get better with each book.

This one picks up after the last book with Andy being held prisoner and plotting revenge. I am glad to say we don’t stay in the situation too long because it would have become depressing fast. You might need to remember to breath for the first twenty percent of the book, as a lot of stuff happens fast.

This book does a great job of cleaning up all the loose ends and revenge for all is always a great story in my book. The romance part of this book was one of the few points that bored me, it seemed we played the same scene over and over a few times and it was getting old before it moved on.

The ending, while greatly satisfying in most respects, did seem a bit rushed but the author had left us with so many bad guys that needed payback that to take too much time would have required another 100 pages, but it does come across as a bit rushed.

Bottom Line: Loved it, can’t think of anyone who was not dealt with in some form and a few surprises along the way. While one of my recurring complaints about this series were the bad guys being really disgusting, I found that she made one of them at least tolerable which was an interesting move but also not a lot of time spent on that either. So other than a bit too little time spent on everything BUT the romance, and a bit too much time spent on the frustrating romance, it was a pretty darn good send off. Highly recommended 4.5 Stars