Beating Heart Book Cover Beating Heart
Psy Squad Book 5
Linda Palmer
YA Paranormal Romance
Uncial Press
November 16, 2018

When Dani Donovan got a new heart, she also got something else--psychic abilities. Knowing things she shouldn’t know has taken some getting used to, the reason she hasn’t told her parents. They’d definitely flip out or, worse, take her to another doctor. The head kind this time.
Wanting to know more about her gifts, Dani decides to answer a World Security League call for psychics to help in the capture of the world’s most wanted criminals. She heads to a Birmingham hotel so her new abilities can be tested. There she meets another psychic, Ren Mallett, who bursts into her mind while she’s trying to read his. Their connection is so incredible that the WSL agents testing them promise to recommend that they work together.
Although Ren and Dani part ways after the testing, distance doesn’t hinder their connection. And as she gets to know him better, their relationship evolves into a friendship, maybe more, at least on her end. Strange? Absolutely, but no stranger than finding a match on an online dating site. The difference is that she can’t be catfished if she’s reading his mind.
To make her parents happy, Dani finishes her current semester of college before heading to Rutledge. Ren, on the other hand, starts there immediately. When their mental conversations become less frequent and finally stop altogether, she chalks it up to whatever training and work he’s been assigned. They’ll talk face-to-face when she finally gets to The Rutledge Institute, herself. But when she gets there, Ren is nowhere to be found. She finds out that he’s working undercover and seems to have lost contact not just with her, but with everyone.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Danielle Donovan nearly died twice as a young child until it was discovered that she had a heart condition requiring a heart transplant. Just before her nineteenth birthday she got the gift of life but while physically she was healthy and the same something had definitely changed. Dani was now a psychic a secret she shared only with her older brother Adam.

Dani and Adam’s parents were very conservative and traditional and had no idea that she was psychic and that Adam was gay and in love. Following her parent’s desire Dani was attending college to study to be a teacher but it was not what she wanted so she accompanied Adam to meet his boyfriend Josh and at the same time attended a meeting with the World Security League whose objective was locating and prosecuting criminals on the most wanted list.

Dani was one of the psychics being tested to see if they could then work and learn at the Rutledge Institute near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and become part of the Psy Squad. While doing the testing the unbelievable happened another testee was able to speak to her mind and could hear her responses. Warren (Ren) Mallett) was almost twenty and the link between him and Dani was amazing. Sight unseen since the test was in a dark room while wearing a blindfold they felt a connection and when they saw each other that connection grew larger.

The connection between Dani and Ren is not something I will discuss in this review since I have to leave something for you to discover on your own. In addition to meeting Adam and his now husband Josh there is a meeting with some very evil human beings putting Dani and Ren in danger.

Loved this addition to the series and can’t wait for more.