Beautiful Beast Book Cover Beautiful Beast
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Roe Horvat
MM Romance
Independently Published
May 1, 2020

Beautiful Beast is a light tale of lust and love, about a beautiful dancer who keeps a wild beast locked inside him, and the man who sets it free.
Standalone erotic MM romance.

Kevin used to hold himself back, trying to keep his less conventional desires to himself. With Joakim, he feels free. It's almost as if Joakim can read Kevin's subconscious, touching the right places at exactly the right time, and whispering the most shameless things...filthy, and oh so satisfying.
Falling for Kevin is easy. Joakim can feel it happening and he's powerless to do anything about it. With every touch, his desire grows. Men have chased him for his money and status before, but Kevin doesn't seem to care about any of that. Maybe this time, Joakim should let himself fall, and hope the landing will be soft.

Reviewed By Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Roe Horvat has found a rhythm for this new series that he is writing. The backdrop is Gothenburg where he resides. The original story has been centered around a group of single gay men in town, and also along with a theater’s dance group. As we meet the main characters in each novella, they eventually might somehow have a friendship with one of the previous characters. I love how his is intertwined in the story.

Beautiful Beast begins in a shoe store. We met Kevin and Joakim. Joakim is in a shoe shopping and a young girl comes up to him with one red used Doc Martin in her hands. He asked her where she found it and was led to the most beautiful man he had ever seen on one knee obviously looking for his other shoe. Joakin’s mind just stopped Beautiful, Utterly Beautiful it said……and he was gone…….

So it was days later when Joakim saw this message on Grindr:

Looking for friendship/relationship…….only single guys, vers/-bottom

and guess who that was..?? As the relationship progresses we learn so much more about these two men and their fears. Roe Horvat writes sexy, , erotic sometimes kinky scenes and this book is no exception as we truly see Kevin was soooo truthful about his being versatile bottom…..

This novella like all this series was a wonderful addition….I look for more soon Roe!!