Before We Fade Away Book Cover Before We Fade Away
June Summers
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
May 14, 2018

Horrific, recurring nightmares are making Danielle Reynolds’ life miserable. Losing sleep and falling grades lead her to seek help from her college counselor, a psychologist, and against her better judgment, a psychic medium. To her amazement, she discovers her dead grandfather is trying to contact her to prove his innocence in the murders of the Cunningham family on Halloween night back in 1971. Turning to the police, she convinces a handsome young officer to reopen the murder investigation.

Officer Joel Adams isn’t sure if he believes the beautiful woman who claims to have new information about an old murder. But she knows things not written in the police reports, things his grandfather never mentioned when he worked the case years before. Despite his doubts, he can’t resist helping her discover the truth about the past that links them together in the present.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Danielle (Dani) Reynolds goes to Valencia College majoring in criminal justice, works a part-time job and lives with her dad and twelve year old brother Frankie. There has been nothing in her past or her present to cause the horrific nightmares she has every night, nightmares she wakes up screaming from. The lack of sleep has brought her grades down and she is barely able to function.

At the advice of her father she sees her guidance counselor who recommends she see Dr. Grace DeMarco a psychiatrist who has dealt with problems like hers. When the doctor recommends hypnosis to weed out the cause of these nightmares she and her father agree only the result is not what they expected, there is nothing in her life that would be the cause of what is going on and the next step according to the doctor was very unconventional, a psychic.

When the psychic performs a seance they finally get an answer to what is causing her nightmares, her grandfather is trying to reach her.  Halloween night 1971 was when it all began Daniel Reynolds her grandfather was accused of killing his boss and his entire family consisting of six children his pregnant wife and his mother. The killings were horrific the family was not just murdered they were butchered and when Daniel disappeared there was no doubt he was the killer.

Her grandfather is begging for her help in clearing his name and her father has always been convinced that her grandfather, the father he knew and loved was not capable of such a horrible act. Her dreams always were of an old bloody man and a huge house and so she is determined to visit the home where the murders occurred. Her first step is to visit the police station to get any information on the case that she could only she had no success.

It was outside the police station that she met Officer Joel Adams whose grandfather worked the case in 1971 and when she asks for his help and explains what is going on he goes along with her. They visit the old house still covered in dry blood but how do they go about finding a killer from forty years ago.

This is where I will stop describing what happens because it would be too easy to give away information that you have to read for yourself. I will say that the book is filled with one surprise after another, that Joel, Dani, Dr. DeMarco and Dani’s brother and dad get involved  and there are no questions unanswered.

I read this book in one day because it just held my attention from page one. There are vivid descriptions of the murders and one secret after another revealed. I highly recommend this book.