Betting on Cinderella Book Cover Betting on Cinderella
The Cinderella Romances, Book 2
Petie McCarty
Romance, Contemporary
Soul Mate Publishing
March 13, 2018

Garrett Tucker inherits his grandfather's casino empire and steps into the reclusive billionaire's shoes as the "Prince of Vegas." His first act is to buy a bankrupt casino in Biloxi. When he discovers embezzling in his new operation, Garrett goes undercover. His prime suspect is the new finance supervisor—the spitfire brunette who stole his heart at first sight.

Andi Ryan moves to Biloxi to care for her godmother and takes a job as finance supervisor for the renovated Bayou Princess casino. She discovers someone is skimming from the till and starts her own investigation, worried she will be blamed for the theft when the new owner discovers her godmother has a gambling addiction.

A rival Vegas competitor has sent a spy in to ruin the Bayou Princess, and Garrett and Andi are forced to work together to prove her innocence and discover the identity of their casino spy.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lily and Rhett are finally having their dream wedding after eloping to Las Vegas. Garrett Tucker is the best man and when he peeks out at the guests in attendance his eyes are drawn to a beautiful girl, a girl that sets his heart on fire. Unfortunately his chance at meeting the girl is lost when she leaves to go to Biloxi but that is not the only unfortunate thing that happens to him. Garrett gets a text that his grandfather Sam has died and as soon as the wedding is over with the help of his friend Aiden he leaves for Vegas.

In Sam’s will he leaves all his casinos to his grandson with the stipulation that he does not reveal who he is for two years.  All dealings with the casinos will be handled by Sam’s assistant Halbert. The one thing that Garrett discovers is that his grandfather’s last project was to rebuild a rundown casino in Biloxi and that is the project that Garrett has his sights on. Rebuilding this casino and the hotel would be his project alone and he is determined to be successful in spite of the fact that the Board is giving him only one year to show a profit.

Garrett gets more than he hoped for because the very girl he dreamed about since seeing her at the wedding is now working at the casino as the Finance Supervisor. Since Garrett has to keep his identity a secret he introduces himself as the landscaper and drops the Tucker at the end of his name.

Andi Ryan is a college friend of Lily’s and she is very attracted to Garrett. She has returned to Biloxi to be with her Godmother Flora the woman who raised her after her stepmother threw her out upon the death of her father. Andi truly is a Cinderella story with a mean step-mother and two step-sisters. For some reason her father left everything he had to Andi’s stepmom leaving her penniless. She had no intention of raising Andi and sent her off to Flora. She always dreamed of a Prince Charming and hopes that Garrett is the one.

Redoing the new casino and making a profit is not going to be easy since a competitor of his grandfather is willing to do anything and everything to get the casino for himself. He will stop at nothing, not sabotage or killing. As if things weren’t going to be bad enough it turns out that the General Manager hired by Sam is none other than Andi’s ex-stepmom and her boss in the Finance Department is her step-sister both of whom want Andi gone.

I will not go into any detail of what occurs with the casino or between Garrett and Andi but I will say that this book was chock full of surprises that I can honestly say I never saw coming. Will Cinderella get her Prince Charming, well read this book to find out.