Black Dog: A Christmas Story Book Cover Black Dog: A Christmas Story
Knights of Black Swan Book 13
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Romance/Thriller
dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
December 22, 2018


Danann adds a tale of trial and triumph that proves two things once again. Black Swan heart can be expressed in four legged form. And there's no place like home.

The Hawking family is at home at the Northern Ireland farm and wolf-dog kennel for Yuletide when Blackie goes missing. Instead of a joyous celebration of family and friends, Ram’s mate and elflings are beside themselves with fear and worry. As Song and Litha join the search, the story takes a turn into the dark world of dog fighting and the kidnapping of adult male dogs that match promoter criteria.

Black Swan rarely gets involved in the mundane affairs of the world because that’s simply not their purpose, mission, or directive. But when Simon’s office is drowned in messages from retired knights insisting that Blackie is unofficially one of them and that an exception must be made, he relents and orders available personnel to assist B Team with a rundown.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another wonderful visit with the amazing Laiken-Hawking family and their fellow knights. It is Christmas time and the family is on their Northern Ireland farm and wolf-dog kennel. Helm now fourteen years old is going away to school and is back to celebrate the holiday with his family especially his best friend, guardian and constant companion since his birth, Blackie. Blackie is Elora’s dog, a dog she raised and loves and although he is getting on in years with help from science and the Black Swan Brotherhood he has been able to stay fit.

Blackie was there when Helm was born in a wolf den and has watched over Helm ever since. A time for celebration turns out to be a time of trouble when Blackie disappears. With help from friends, Storm, Litha and Ram’s sister Song they begin to put together what happened to Blackie and the real danger he is in. Dog fighting is a reality, a crime and another way man has proven how brutal and uncaring some can be.

It is not hard to imagine that men who have little or no regard for other humans would have absolutely no regard for the life of an animal and Blackie’s life is in dire jeopardy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Blackie has the might of the Black Swans behind him since he is their mascot and a decorated hero but it will all depend on whether he can be found in time.

Another book in an amazing series filled with amazing characters and I for one relish every one and look forward to more.