Black Rose Book Cover Black Rose
The Project Book 9
Alex Lukeman
Action Adventure
January 18, 2015

A lethal plague resurrected from the bones of the dead is stolen from a secret biological warfare lab hidden in the mountains of North Korea. There's no cure and it's one hundred percent fatal. If it gets loose, millions will die. The men who have it want to reduce the world's population and bring down the global economy as part of a plan to establish world dominance.

Nick Carter and Selena Connor of the Project are up against their old nemesis, a centuries old conspiracy called AEON. This time, Director Elizabeth Harker is determined to eliminate AEON once and for all. It's touch and go as events build toward the final confrontation, with no certainty that things will turn out well. Along the way, dark secrets from Selena's past come to light. The Project team takes on another dangerous mission, with no guarantee that any of them will survive.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I am so excited. I just got my Project Series fix! Alex Lukeman has again kept me on the edge of my seat, with sweaty palms and heart pounding as I read his ninth in the wonderful Project Series called Black Rose.

When read the last sentence of the book, I closed my eyes, thinking back to the day I read the first release in the series, White Jade.  I walked to my handy lap top and saw I reviewed White Jade on Amazon in 2011 and smiled as I read my review. To quote, when I began White Jade, I could see this was going to take me to places I loved.  Murder, foreign intrigue, FBI, CIA, plots and plenty of action.  After eight more books to his credit, Alex Lukeman has given me this same feeling over and over. It has remained true, it has never gone away in all these years!

The only difference with White Jade to Black Rose is the knowing the characters he has brought to this story. At first they were strangers, now they are dear friends, and I worry about as much as a family member.

Elizabeth Harker has nerves of steel, and shows great strength, fortitude, and extreme resilience in the world where she lives. Having ‘the ear’ to the president adds to the story, along with her team of hard working individuals who add spice and flavor. Stephanie, her hard working assistant and ‘hacker extraordinaire,’ Nick, Selena, Lamont, and Ronnie round out this wonderful team.

You must start from the beginning to ‘really appreciate’ the essence of this although the books are stand alone. For folks like me though, the series one through nine will not disappoint in any way. If you like books Like Indiana Jones meets James Bond, and have a hankering to see exotic places, this series is a must read!

High five again Alex, I cannot wait for the tenth!