Blaze: A Superhero Romance Book Cover Blaze: A Superhero Romance
Heartthrob Heroes, Book 1
Christa Tomlinson
LGBT, Gay, BDSM, Romance, Superhero Science Fiction
Torlina Press
October 6, 2019

Fighting villains is easy. Falling in love is hard.

Blaze. St. Louis’s elusive superhero. In the dark of night, he wages war against the city’s criminal masterminds. Once the sun rises, he’s Jordan Wells, quiet custom body shop owner. Jordan has accepted that it’s his destiny to walk alone in the shadows… until the night he meets Daniel. The sweet, untrained submissive seeks a Dom, and Jordan would love to take on the role.

Jordan dreams of dominating the young man, of finding respite from his harsh life as a lone vigilante by losing himself in Danny’s softness. Unfortunately, past trauma has taught the superhero that letting others into his world leads to tragedy. Jordan knows he should let Danny go, but he can’t seem to tear himself away from the submissive’s gentle smiles and soft kisses. Can Jordan risk a relationship with Danny when his life as Blaze is rife with danger?

BLAZE is Book One in a steamy D/s superhero romance series. It has dramatic rescues, hot D/s sex, and evil villains. 

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

If superheroes, romance, BDSM, and suspense are your cup of tea, then drink up! This is the book that will give it all to you.

Daniel (Danny) Griffin is a freelance graphic artist who craves being a sub and has finally gotten up the nerve to visit a BDSM club to fulfill his desire. However, the club is in a bad neighborhood and all he got was mugged. When the gang decided that taking his belongings wasn’t enough and they wanted more, Danny’s hero Blaze came to his rescue.

Blaze is a superhero who tries to keep his St. Louis neighborhood safe but that is his night work. His day work is that he is the owner of a custom body shop and he goes by Jordan Wells. When Blaze rescues Danny and recommends he go to a different club, he can’t help but feel an attraction to this 5’5″ inch man. However, long ago he decided that putting himself in danger nightly was not conducive to a relationship. He wants to keep Danny safe and sends him a one year membership to a very top club, a club Danny could never have afforded on his own.

In spite of Blaze’s determination to stay away from Danny, he finds himself at the club and going against everything he swore to himself he wouldn’t do. He approaches Danny and offers to be his Dom for training only. Unfortunately, we once again prove the saying “the best laid plans of mice and men” is still alive and well. Blaze just can’t stay away from this small man who has crept into his heart.

Of course, everything Blaze feared comes true and danger threatens Danny, danger that comes from Blaze’s past. Destroying drug shipments and leaving criminals for the police to find does not endear you to the criminal element of St. Louis and Danny is his weakness. The romance between Blaze and Danny was beautifully done, the BDSM was not hardcore and actually interesting since it was done as a learning experience. Danny is totally obsessed with both Blaze and Jordan. When he discovers he is dating both men and that Blaze has a history, that realization could bring an end to any chance of a long lasting relationship.

I really enjoyed this book, loved the characters, both the main ones and the secondary ones. The only reason I did not give this book five stars was because I felt it was just a little too long and drawn out. Saying that I still can’t wait for more heroes.