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Guardian Witch Book 4
Ally Shields
Urban Fantasy
Etopia Press
October 16, 2013

Guardian Witch Book Four

A dead body, black magic, and a vampire enforcer...

Ari thought her biggest problem was deciding if she should move in with her vampire boyfriend, Andreas. That was before they found the dead body at the bottom of the Riverdale cliffs. And before she realized he'd been cursed by black magic.

Just as she begins the murder investigation, the vampire rulers in Europe send an enforcer to make inquiries into the recent defeat of the Toronto vampire prince. While Andreas has taken responsibility for the brutal dictator’s death, there is much about the incident that he and Ari must keep to themselves—secrets the vampire elders would stop at nothing to learn.

With threats of retaliation hanging over their heads, Ari moves into Andreas’s Victorian mansion—for safety’s sake—while the enforcer begins a campaign of terror. Ari is caught between competing dangers and challenges: black magic, a ghost, a missing Native American artifact…not to mention a new roommate…all while trying to stay alive…

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Once again, Arianna Calin, the Guardian Witch of the Olde Town District in Riverdale, has been called to what appears to be an accidental death.  When Ari looks at the body, a man who it seems fell from a cliff, she is overpowered by the scent of black magic. This was not an accident, but a murder.  Ryan Foster, her sometime partner who is human, is not ready to concede to it being a murder. He decides to wait for the coroner’s report while they try to determine the identity of the victim.

The man is Jase Barron, a reality TV star who searches for treasures.  Why would he be in Riverdale?  Ari has never heard of any treasure in the town, but she is about to find out things that she could never have expected.  The murder occurred near the caves which technically fall into the ownership of the vampires, so how did a human get near them or even into them?

Andreas DeLuca, the owner of Club Dintero, the Vampire Prince of Riverdale, and Ari’s boyfriend has some secrets about the cave, and he shares them with Ari.  There is a Spirit Cave with a ley line, a line that can be used to transport anyone from one place to another.  It could be the means of demons entering or even worse.  This is something that must be kept protected at all costs since the outcome should it fall into the wrong hands could be catastrophic.

As if finding the coven responsible for the black magic and the reason for Barron’s death are not enough, there is also the addition of an enforcer for the O-Seven, the vampire elders in Europe who want to find the cause of their ally, Sebastian’s, death.  This death was brought about by Andreas and Ari and if the O-Seven want to cause trouble, they can do it merely by using their minds.  They don’t even have to leave Europe to cause death and destruction.

The enforcer is Ursula, a two thousand year old vampire who makes the Marquis deSade look like an altar boy.  She is powerful and doesn’t take long before she begins her reign of death and destruction.  Ari and Andreas know they are directly in her sights, in addition, to those of a rogue group of witches looking for a treasure hidden in the Spirit Cave.  The treasure is a blood stone with enormous powers, and everyone seems to want it.

Ari and Andreas have their hands full in this book, black magic, purely evil vampires, and a hidden treasure that must be protected at all costs.  The romance between Ari and Andreas is growing stronger, especially when she agrees to move into his home temporarily until all the problems are solved.  Ari still intends to return home when everything is cleared up but will she?  Is it finally time for Ari to realize she and Andreas belong together under the same roof?

As with all the other books in the series there is no cliffhanger and all loose ends are tied up one way or another. Each book delves into the main characters lives, and we watch how their relationships grow.  The characters are wonderful, Ari, Andreas, Gabriel, and Ari’s BFF, Claris, are just a few. Watching their growth is worth reading each book in the series in order.

I am already anxious for the next book to come out.

2nd Place Winner for Best Urban Fantasy Novel

2013 PRG Reviewer’s Choice awards!