Blood Renegades Book Cover Blood Renegades
Rebel Vampires Book 3
Rosemary A. Johns
Paranormal Romance
Fantasy Rebel Limited
June 13, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Light finally destroyed the Blood Club and all the people involved in it. He, Hartford, Donovan and Sun are now free but working and living in a rat infested apartment. Unfortunately, Light’s freedom is short lived because he went from slave to prisoner.

Light has two weeks before the Blood Life Council burns him at the stake for being the leader of the Renegades. Once again he has to reveal some of his secrets to his interrogator, Liberty. To reveal a secret he requires a reward, an e-cig, his prized leather jacket and whatever else he can get. His biggest secret was his betrayal of his cousin Donovan. Rather than admit to something he himself did he turned Donovan over to the enemy, it was a secret that Donovan never learned about.

He revealed the torture he was subjected to at the hands of the slavers and the betrayal blood lifers suffered at the hand of the Captain a member of the Blood Life Council and a Blood-lifer who was willing to turn over others of his kind to become slaves. Now it is Captain who at the end of the two weeks will sit in judgment of him and there is no doubt what the verdict will be.  Liberty is convinced that Light is not the leader of the Renegades and wants him to turn the real leader over to the Council something Light is unwilling to do.

Again Light finds himself tortured and betrayed. Betrayal comes when Fernando a professor who has loved Grayse for a long time (now Sun) turns him over to scientists for experiments. One of the experiments was to have Light’s penis cut off without anesthesia to see if it would grow back, even as a woman I shuddered at the thought.

Light meets a first-lifer Will, a young homeless boy who Light instantly feels belongs to him. He wants to be Will’s author but in the meantime does everything he can to protect Will from anyone looking to do him harm. To Will Light is an Angel and he feels secure in knowing that his Angel will take care of him. Sun on the other hand has changed and does not seem to love Light as much as he loves her. Light loves very strongly and it is what usually causes him pain in one way or another.

Plantagent the original author of Rudy and now Light’s blood has reappeared only he is a slave who is owned by Blake, they are the real leaders of the Renegades and Blake has secured Plantagent’s loyalty by giving him gifts and love all the while Plantagent is nothing more than a slave.

As with the first two books Light suffers through all kinds of torture while fighting to save his family. He is a wonderful character that I could not help but root for and hurt for. All the characters were wonderful but I couldn’t like Sun even though Light loved her. I won’t reveal what happens but I will reveal that more is coming.