Bloodline Gypsy Book Cover Bloodline Gypsy
Jook and Gypsies vol. 1
Shirley A. Martin
Paranormal Romantic Thriller
July 1, 2013

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Susannah Henika became an orphan at sixteen when her grandparents and her mother all died in an automobile accident. Susannah has always known who her father is and that he impregnated her mother when he was only seventeen years old. Coming from a very rich family, her father, Chandler Shaw, was forced to leave her mother and her and she has never heard from him since. Now she has informed the authorities of who he is with the hope she will be reunited with her father and have a place in his life.

Chandler is married with two young sons, but he wants nothing more than to bring his daughter home. Unfortunately, he has a very selfish, jealous wife who isn’t so happy about it. Accepting Chandler’s illegitimate daughter into her home will not be easy, and she has no intention of making Susannah’s life pleasant if she can help it.

Susannah grew up with her grandparents and mom as faire folk that followed Renaissance Faires across the country. Although is was a nomadic life, Susannah only knew love and happiness. Now at her father’s home she feels empty. She lived in a trailer; now she lives in splendor and she realizes that everyone living in this home is poor and she was once rich in what truly mattered: love and happiness.

The only thing that makes living with her father bearable is her love for him and her love for her two little brothers. When she finds an abandoned puppy, it is the only time her father goes against her stepmother and gives her what she wants. The puppy, Jade, is her constant companion until the day she meets a strange woman walking in the woods. The woman’s name is Madalina and although there is something strange about her, Susannah is fascinated. When Madalina’s brother, Luca, arrives, Susannah’s life will change forever in ways she could never have imagined.

All the years she felt she was different from everyone else prove to be right. She is a Bloodline Gypsy and is one of the very few humans capable of mating with and carrying offspring of the Jook, a form of werewolf. The more she learns from Luca and Madalina, the more she realizes her life and the lives of those she loves are in danger. Beside the Jook, there is another form of werewolf called the Ruv Bengalo, vicious creatures with only one goal, killing and devouring their victims. Although not huge in number, they are growing and becoming organized. Only with help from Luca and Madalina can Susannah hope to survive.

Susannah is now seventeen and still a virgin, but that is just one of the things about to change for her. She has capabilities that even the Jook have never seen. What can she do? Why did she never learn who she really was? Did her grandparents and mom always know? What future is there for her?

This book is very, very violent, and if violence is something you can’t deal with, then this is not the book for you. In spite of the violence, I couldn’t put the book down. With each chapter we learn about Susannah and what she is, and then there are chapters devoted to the Ruv Bengalo and what they do to their victims in explicit detail. There is suspense, violence, sex, and good and evil werewolves. Susannah is a wonderful character. Luca and Madalina take a little getting used to. Susannah’s best friend Giselle is also very important in Susannah’s life. This is a story that will continue in the next book which I hope will be coming out real soon.