Bloodscourge Book Cover Bloodscourge
The Bloodborn Series Book 3
Sydney Winward
Paranormal Romance-Vampires
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
March 1, 2021

Fate has given her a second chance. The only things Elisabeta knows how to do is lie, cheat, and swindle. When her brother learns of a treasure worth kingdoms lying in the heart of Ichor Knell, the great vampire city, he sends her to steal it. However, the key to the treasury is safeguarded by the captain of the guard, a brute named Dracula.
Dracula cannot resist the beautiful and mysterious Elisabeta. As danger erupts in Ichor Knell, he is forced into a precarious position to resist the evil within the city and to protect his family and the woman he cares for immensely.
Despite the connection he feels for her, the secrets she hides could be deadly to them both. Will the truth tie them for eternity or set them on a path of destruction?


Reviewed By Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

The story of Elisabeta Trelles and Dracula Ardelean is one lovers of vampire books know but this is an entire different take on it. Elisabeta’s mother died delivering the third of her triplets leaving Elisabeta and her brother Miles to grow up alone. Cheating, swindling and pillaging is how they survived and most of her time now is spent aboard their ship. Attacking ships is what they do and when the captain of one of those ships begged for his life revealing information about a petrified dragon egg locked away in the treasury on the vampire city of Ichor Knell Miles is determined to own it.


Elisabeta’s relationship with her brother is a love, hate relationship, she fears him but he is her only family and her loyalty to him is unwavering. Miles decides to send Elisabeta into Ichor Knell as a vampire thanks to an elixir that will hide her humanness and seduce the captain who holds the key. What Elisabeta could never have suspected was that the captain would not only hold the key to the treasury but the key to her heart.


When Dracula first sets eyes on Elisabeta he is immediately drawn to her and he is not what she expected when she heard he was a monster. Tall, handsome and tempting. Knowing that he is drawn to her, Dracula does everything he can to keep her away but she has a mission and she will not let her brother down even if it means betraying Dracula so if she has to seduce him she will.


For the first time in her life she is away from her brother and feels free, she has made friends and Dracula and her are growing closer but she has a job to do and in spite of feeling guilty she knows what she has to do. Betraying Dracula would be the end of any relationship with him not to mention she is a human and he hates humans.


Ichor Knell is not a haven for vampires, it is a place run by Shah Jorin and the church, vampires work menial jobs, make little money and have to live by strict rules or die. No books, no movies the peasants aren’t allowed to learn to read and things have gone from bad to worse. Dracula knows that the Shah is planning something and he is sure that it would mean eradicating those below him.¬†


Now Dracula fears for Elisabeta and his best friend Nicolae whose wife is expecting their sixth child. These people are his family and he will do whatever he has to to protect them. An uprising is coming but who will survive.


I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t go into detail about Elisabeta and Dracula’s growing relationship or about what happens to Ichor Knell and the vampires that live there. I will say that if you love vampire books then I wouldn’t miss, not only this book but the entire series, it is a vampire lover’s dream, anyway it is mine.