Body Art: A Thriller Book Cover Body Art: A Thriller
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Thriller
JCP Books, LLC
November 20, 2013

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I have been bombarded with so many series books lately, I chose a one of a kind standalone from a new favorite author, Jordan Castillo Price called Body Art and it is a thriller. What could be bad?

Ray Carlucci is tattoo artist, very good in his field. Ray has come into hard times, losing his shop and his boyfriend and lost the shop because of his boyfriend. He has seen an ad to be a driver for a family, and I think he used his last dollars to get a chauffer’s license to seal the deal.

The ad said Red Wing Island, off the coast of Michigan. It is a small summer place, where most of the vacationers go home by Labor Day and only a few stay all year. The Whites are one of those full time families. Mr. White has started with dementia and his wife needs a driver, a cook, and housekeeper to help her with Mr. White. The interview went well and they offer a salary and a place to stay and the possibility of borrowing the car on his nights off.

Since Ray has decided he picks all the wrong lovers, it is a surprise to him his attraction for the free spirit neighbor Anton Kopec whom he meets quite accidently and hooks up with immediately. As I mentioned this author is not new to me, I adore her story telling and this novella keeps me guessing with its here and there mysterious happenings. You can picture the scary scenes; they are so vivid. We don’t know what to make of Anton until we see he is a lost soul as well, a talented artist in his own right and a bit eclectic.

But what you do see is the sexy sensual vibes and the relationship growing. The side characters are very fitting and believable and the pace is just right to be a thriller. Great job, Jordan !

** Winner: 2nd Place – Best M/M  Paranormal Romance Thriller Novella – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards **