Bound to a Vampire Book Cover Bound to a Vampire
Into the Dark Woods Book 1
Grey Francis
Paranormal, Erotic, Romance
Bedchamber Publishing
February 12, 2015

Cassandra Montclaire is a three-hundred-and-sixty-year-old vampire living in modern-day New York. Her human life ended three centuries earlier when, condemned as a witch, she was rescued and turned by a Master Vampire named Killian. Bonded in a passionate trio with their Protector, the three lived an exciting and dangerous life full of love, decadence, and dark passion. But then Killian vanished without a trace. Until now.

A human ally of Cassandra’s has proof Killian is alive and is killing off members of his organization. Killian is now a marked man, and Cassandra must find him before time runs out and he is eliminated.

But Cassandra must first journey into her torrid past and face her demons before she can fight for what was lost.

Filled with erotic passion, great tragedy, and dark mystery, Bound to a Vampire is a turbulent thriller that delves into the history of vampires and the dramatic events that shaped them into who they are. For fans of Vampire Mistress by Joey Hill, author Grey Francis creates a vibrant world where secrets abound and the BDSM power exchange between mates is as essential to their survival as the blood they drink.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a book that begins in 1640 and goes till the present. At the age of 8 Annwyn finally was faced with the fear her mother had for her when her gift for healing was discovered. Helping her mother who was a midwife and removing the pain from the new mothers to be was what Annwyn was trained for but of course in that time one small unexplained thing could label you a witch and this was what happened. Fortunately Annwyn’s mother had prepared her daughter for what to do if she was ever discovered and fortunately she was able to escape. At the age of 22 a widow who lost her child she was not so lucky and when the Magistrate and his men came calling she was beaten and raped.

Near death she was saved by a Master Vampire called Killian, it was the day she died as a human and became a vampire. It turned out that there was a much stronger bond between Killian and Annwyn, they were natural mates and shared a leopard that lived inside them. Annwyn died and Cassandra Montclaire was born. Killian, Cassandra and their Protector Alastair lived together and her feelings for Alastair began to grow into something very sexual. Killian and Alastair were lovers and their relationship was a very strong one but when Alastair refused to Turn, Killian refused him access to both him and Cassandra.

Killian is a very powerful vampire and a Dominant and although he wants Alastair with them he will not force him.  It is Cassandra who finally convinces Killian to let Alastair join them in spite of him not Turning. Together the three of them live and love until the day that Killian disappears. Cassandra is 365 years old and has been searching for Killian for two hundred years never giving up hope that he is alive and will return to them. Now in the twenty-first century Cassandra lives with her mate, Lucien and a human contact named Forrest advises her that a powerful vampire is attacking the Sentient Headquarters,a group that has an alliance with the vampires.

A video shows Cassandra exactly what she always hoped for, Killian is alive and is the one attacking and killing the Sentient’s. Now Cassandra is not the only one looking for Killian, the Sentient’s want him and they want him dead. Why Killian disappeared and why he reappeared is something I will not reveal in this review. What happened to Alastair is another thing that is something you will have to discover for yourself.

The story is Cassandra’s and it is told by her. She is telling Forrest her Protector the story of her, Killian and Alastair and it is a story that spans centuries. There is explicit BDSM sex but it is just an extension of what makes a vampire what he is. Sex and blood are essential to a vampire and of course, they tend to overindulge. As we travel through the centuries I learned alot about living in those times and it was very much like a history lesson which I enjoyed immensely. My only problem with this book was that it was so long and involved so many different characters and storylines that I found it slow moving at times. Saying that I still loved the book and look forward to more.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**