The Boy-Wolf Book Cover The Boy-Wolf
Mary Patterson Thornburg
Unical Press
January 25, 2014

Lashti is the first boy Vivia has ever noticed, really – certainly the only one who's ever made her feel the way he makes her feel. His touch is the sweetest thing she's ever known.

But Lashti has a problem. When the moon is full, he… changes.

It's an illness, he thinks. A curse. And Vivia knows he's right. She knows, too, that she can cure him. The trouble is that, if she allows herself to do what will cure Lashti, she'll lose her own great gift. So she has a choice to make. Will it be the right one? There's no way of knowing until after it's made.

"The Boy-Wolf" is not your grandmother's werewolf tale. It's a story of young love, of illusion, of growing up. And of choosing…

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a short story about a girl, Vivia, who loved it when her brother Hanal told her the story about the boy who turned into a wolf.  This story always fascinated her and made her long to see a real wolf.

By the time Vivia was thirteen, she was sent to live with a woman named Katra. Katra was a witch, or as they are referred to in this book, people with guile, something that Vivia has.  She is learning about her gift and the ability to heal.  One night everything changes for Vivia when a knock on the door brings her face to face with a real boy-wolf, Lashti.  Lashti has the gift of illusion. Is he really a wolf, or does he just think he is?

If he is a real wolf, he represents a danger to Vivia who has come to love him.  He could be cured if she slept with him and became his, but is that something she is willing to do?  Can she give up everything she is to save Lashti?  She faces a decision that even adults would have trouble making.  If she doesn’t help Lashti is he facing life as a wolf?

We meet Vivia in this book and she will be coming back in future books, which I look forward to.  There is no sex, no explicit violence, just a young girl facing a very difficult decision that could affect the rest of her life. What will become of Lashti?