Dragons, Diamonds & Discord Book Cover Dragons, Diamonds & Discord
Brandywine Investigations #3
Angel Martinez
M/M Romance/Mystery/Paranormal
Mischief Corner Books, LLC
April 27, 2016

When humans forsake the temples, the gods need to find other employment. Hades opens Brandywine Investigations after his divorce and his subsequent move to the modern world. If he was hoping for boring infidelity cases and lost dogs, he’s sorely mistaken as murder and mayhem find his agency and his extended family at an astonishing rate.

Canines, Crosshairs & Corpses: Brandywine Investigations #1
No Enemy But Time: Brandywine Investigations #2
Dragons, Diamonds & Discord: Brandywine Investigations #3

Please note: The stories in this omnibus have been reedited, and expanded by about 18K (total). The majority of the expansions were in No Enemy But Time.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This series is just so much fun.  In this third installment, Hermes, the Greek god of thieves, communication, etc., is the ironic victim of a thief.  When not one, but two, extremely rare and valuable jewels are stolen from jewelry shops he owns, Hermes calls on his Uncle Hades for assistance.  Catching the thief is easier than they thought.  Until he transforms into a dragon that is!  It turns out that Fafnir, the dragon in question, is not acting of his own volition however.  Of course, the rest of the family joins in to help in the investigation.  The source of the trouble turns out to be a lot bigger and a lot more sinister than they ever imagined.   There is even a fantastic battle in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

This was one of the steamier novellas in the collection.  The chemistry between Hermes and Fafnir is off the charts.  Fafnir is a reluctant and snarky character.  His journey to finally relenting to the charms of Hermes is one of my favorite parts of this story.  The continuity of the seamless inclusion of mythology, history, and depth of character make this another great addition to this series.