No Enemy But Time Book Cover No Enemy But Time
Brandywine Investigations #2
Angel Martinez
M/M Romance/Paranormal/Mystery
Mischief Corner Books, LLC
April 27, 2016

When humans forsake the temples, the gods need to find other employment. Hades opens Brandywine Investigations after his divorce and his subsequent move to the modern world. If he was hoping for boring infidelity cases and lost dogs, he’s sorely mistaken as murder and mayhem find his agency and his extended family at an astonishing rate.

Canines, Crosshairs & Corpses: Brandywine Investigations #1
No Enemy But Time: Brandywine Investigations #2
Dragons, Diamonds & Discord: Brandywine Investigations #3

Please note: The stories in this omnibus have been reedited, and expanded by about 18K (total). The majority of the expansions were in No Enemy But Time.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the second book in the Brandywine Investigations series.  There is reference to characters and events from the first book, so while you might be able to read it as a stand alone, why would you deprive yourself?  This book follows Zagreus, or Zach, the god of the hunt and son of Hades, and his boyfriend Michael, a fallen angel.  When Zach is called upon by his father to help in an investigation for his new private investigation agency,  Michael insists on following, unwittingly taking part in a plan that will take a horrible turn for the couple.  The trouble begins when otherwise calm fallen angels in Hades new home town are suddenly becoming violent, and then suicidal.  The case seems to be at a standstill, so Zach and Michael return to their home.  They then realize that the evil has touched way too close to home.  Zach has to hope that his love will be enough to heal Michael again.

Martinez’s deft hand brings more of the Greek “family” into the adventures.  The personalities and histories of the characters are full and colorful.  This story is a great addition to the series.