Breathing Betrayal Book Cover Breathing Betrayal
Elemental Evidence Book 1
Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham
M/M Paranormal Romance
Pride Publishing
June 7, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Finding great new to me authors is my passion. So let me tell you how I came to find Bellora Quinn. I purchased Quinn’s Gambit an Aura Book #1 which was written by Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn. I had met Angel Martinez at Rainbowcon in Tampa and decided the book looked very interesting. I Loved it! I have subsequently purchased Aura Book #2 and #3 and will start soon.

So, on I went to look at what Bellora Quinn had written sans Ms Martinez and looky what I found; Ms. Quinn partnering with Sadie Birmingam for Breathing Betrayal and its Book #1.  I can be assured there is More To Come !!!!Let me tell you a bit about this series (Which I loved by the way.)

I have read books in the same premise, and although the addition of paranormal elements are part of the story, none copy each other and yet make my mouth water with the mysteries that are created around these elements.

We meet Jake Chivis who is a Descendant of Fire Elementals ad has the gift of psychometry. He can touch items and view things that have last occurred when held by someone. Different items hold memories longer than others. Jake was a detective in America and is now situated in London, joining a research program studying such gifts.

Also at that program is Dr llmarinen Gale, blonde, sexy and accomplished. They are called into a co workers office to look into the disappearance of the mans younger brother;   To just have a look.

The story becomes a mystery thriller with the wonderful pairing of these two men. There was nothing about this book I could criticize. The pace was good, the level of dialogue was charming and the steam level and sexy moments were hot. The thought and respect Jake and Mari shared with each other was well written and the verbal snark was fun as well.

The whodunit was a good reveal, and I don’t think anyone reading this would not approve. Mari’s Mom included !