Broken Ink Book Cover Broken Ink
Jack L. Pyke
LGBT, Gay, Paranormal, Romance
Men in Ink Press; 2 edition
April 14, 2020

Carrying a tattoo on your skin no longer just comes with a risk of infection. Get the composition right, you have the latest mind-control drug on the market. It’s the sex-traders’ dream, or worst nightmare, depending on the concentrated dose of the ink—and just who’s wearing it.

For Kiyen, the ink means he’s able to strip raw the minds of the best and worst of society. He’s one of MI7’s top killers and never more driven to select and take down a target. For Falen, the ink has ensured he’s spent his early years as a willing sex slave and low-grade empath. Hiding out in a small town, Fal’s hoping to stay under the radar of MI7 and their specialist killers. But the ink itself has a mind of its own, wanting to ignite the natural dynamics driving a Dom and sub, so when Kiyen is forced into Fal’s small world, prejudice battles a pure need to touch. Only problem is: Kiyen’s on the run, and in a world where thought can be the worst crime of all, Fal’s in for a fight for his sanity to find out just what it is that’s making a young killer run for his life.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer & Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Jack L Pyke is one of the most talented writers of the dark, hard reads, of our time. She has made me lose my breath with the inner workings of her mind. Her Don’t series is world renown and since her saying it is complete after book #5 (I pray for #6) she has begun another genius Series called Men in Ink.

Reading the Blurb gives this story no justice. The beginning chapter sets the stage to where our author is going. A young boy picked up at school by a man with permission from his father. He is taken to a place where other young boys and girls are being held.

This is not a story for the faint of heart. It is harsh and disruptive and horrible, But this is where Kiyen is born and we follow him and the horror his life has taken.

Ms. Pyke does not let up on what Kiyen’s life has become, and when finally he has run away and possibly can find peace his past follows. You must read this story, a review cannot do it justice.

Best book of 2020!

Reviewer Note: Contains rape, child endangerment triggers.